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Comparison Chart - Compare all Massage Tables

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Name Brand Weight Width Length Height Range Working Weight Foam Upholstery Standards Grade Easy access end panels Lifting back rest Built In breath hole Face Cradle Extension



Side arm extensions Free Carrying Case



Construction Warranty Mobility Lightweight - Ideal for Mobile Work Semi-Mobile - Ok for occasional mobile work Portable but too heavy for mobile work

Portalite Delta I


Delta II

Porta-lite 10.3Kg
63.5cm/25 Inches
71cm/28 Inches
76cm/30 Inches
185cm / 213cm 58-86cm 500lb 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional

Portalite Delta I


Delta II

Aluminium 10 Years Very Mobile
The Advantage Porta-lite 11kg 68cm/27 Inches 188cm / 215cm 56-77cm 450lb 5cm HD PVC CE Entry Level Optional The Advantage Aluminium 10 Years Very Mobile
The Advantage II Porta-lite 11.5kg 63.5cm/25 Inches 185cm / 213cm 58-78cm 450lb 6.5cm HD PU CE Entry Level Optional The Advantage II Aluminium 10 Years Very Mobile
Affinity 8 Affinity 12.5kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 58-81cm 450lb 5cm HD PVC CE Professional Grade Optional Affinity 8 Aluminium 10 Years Very Mobile
Portalite Classic Porta-lite 12.6kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 62-88cm 500lbs 5cm HD PVC CE Entry Level Portalite Classic Wooden 10 Years Medium Mobile
Portalite Oval Porta-lite 12.7kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 62-87cm 500lbs 5cm HD PVC CE Entry Level Portalite Oval Wooden 10 Years Very Mobile
Affinity Marlin Affinity 14.5kg 63.5cm/25 Inches 185cm / 213cm 66-81cm 450lbs 5cm HD PVC CE Professional Grade Optional Optional
Affinity Marlin
Aluminium 10 Years Medium Mobile
Affinity Athlete Affinity 14.5kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 66-81cm 450lbs 5cm HD PVC CE Professional Grade Optional
Affinity Athlete
Aluminium 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Earthworks Comfort Flat Earthworks 15.5kg 76cm/30 Inches 185cm / 217cm 59-86cm 500lbs 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Earthworks Comfort Flat
Wooden 10 Years Medium Mobile
Combi-lite 3-in-1 Porta-lite 15.4kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 62-89cm 500lbs 5 or 8cm HD PVC CE Entry Level
Combi-lite 3-in-1
Wooden 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Earthworks Harmony Earthworks 15.8kg 71cm/28 Inches 185cm / 213cm 61.5-82.5cm 500lbs 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Earthworks Harmony
Aluminium 10 Years Medium Mobile
Affinity Deluxe Affinity 16kg 68.6cm/27 Inches 185cm / 213cm 66-81cm 450lbs 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Affinity Deluxe
Wooden 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Affinity Portaflex Affinity 16.8kg 68.6cm/27 Inches 185cm / 213cm 66-81cm 450lbs 5cm HD PVC CE Professional Grade Optional Optional
Affinity Portaflex
Wooden 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Earthworks Comfort Liftback Earthworks 18.3kg 76cm/30 Inches 185cm / 217cm 59-86cm 500lbs 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Earthworks Comfort Liftback
Wooden 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Earthworks Spirit Earthworks 17.3kg 76cm/30 Inches 185cm / 217cm 61-84cm 500lb 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Earthworks Spirit
Aluminium 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
Affinity Comfortflex Affinity 17.5kg 68.6cm/27 Inches 185cm / 213cm 66-81cm 450lbs 6.5cm HD PU CE Professional Grade Optional
Affinity Comfortflex
Wooden 10 Years Portable but not very mobile
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See descriptions below which explain each heading above.

We receive requests from brands all around the world to stock their massage tables but we will only stock high quality brands that offer excellent value and that we as therapists would be happy using.
There are other high quality brands we would be willing to stock based on the quality but they don't offer good value to UK customers.
Affinity offer a very high quality professional grade massage table and are a UK brand.
Porta-lite cater to all budget and quality levels, offering both an economy entry level grade of massage table and a very high quality professional grade massage table to cater for all budgets.
Earthworks offer the highest quality massage tables the world over and also care for the earth by using renewable resources and plant a tree for every massage table sold to replace the wood back into the earth.

The weight of the massage table itself without any carry case or accessories
Weight is really only important when you need to do mobile treatments.
Around the 11kg mark is where you want to be if you are a mobile therapist.
Semi static massage tables are from 14-16kg where you can use them for mobile treatments now and again but any more than that and it will become bothersome
Portable but non-mobile massage tables are really those that weigh greater than 16kg.

The width of the massage table is important for two reasons:
  1. The client's comfort. Generally speaking the wider the massage table the more comfortable the client will be. 
  2. The therapist's posture. If you are short in height and do not have good postural training then using a wider massage table can make it easier for you to strain your back in the long term. 
But you can get a therapist who is under 5' using a 76cm wide massage table comfortably because they have been trained well and they consistently watch their posture.
However it is common for therapist's who are closer to 5' to go for a 25 inch or 63.5cm wide massage table.
Another thing to consider when choosing the width of the massage table is the narrower the width the lower the weight of the massage table.
If the weight is more important than the client comfort which it may very well be for a fully mobile therapist then it can sometimes make sense to go for the narrower option of a particular massage table.
68-71cm wide massage tables are the most common and are what most therapist's choose to work with.

This is the massage table length without any extensions. If it has a face cradle extension you can add 29cms bringing the massage table to 213cms
185cms is standard length.

Brands do a lot of research into their dimensions so that they do not exclude any therapists from purchasing their massage tables. Every massage table we sell should fit every therapist be they 4'5" or 6'5"!
To get a good measurement of the height you will probably work with…..
Stand straight with your fists clenched. Measure (or get someone to measure!) the distance between your knuckles and the ground - this is generally the height you will have your massage table at
or some therapists like to work with the massage table including the client at this height.

Working Weight
The working weight is very high on all massage tables we sell. It is over 32 stone and It would be very difficult to test the limits of any professional grade massage table.
In some ways this limit is unnecessary as a person who was approaching this weight would not be agile enough to get on and off a massage table.

HD=High Density
5cms foam is the standard across the industry and although you will see 4cms on some massage tables on the market, 5cms is the minimum thickness we will stock.
Thicker foam is not essential but does offer greater comfort. You will see different brands state different marketing terms for foam such as therafoam, memory foam, triple layer etc but the two things that matter is the density and the type of foam e.g. semi firm, soft, hard etc. If you see high density foam on an entry level massage table it will not be the same as high density on a professional grade table.
Professional grade massage tables have the highest density foam available to the massage table industry and are usually semi-firm offering the greatest comfort and support available on any massage table.

People spend a lot of time worrying about the type of upholstery but it really does not matter. What does matter is the quality of the relevant type of upholstery.
There are two types of upholstery - PU & PVC.
PVC is the most common type and feels harder than PU.
PU is synthetically the closest feel to real leather and is softer to feel than PVC.
But within both PU & PVC there are different levels of each. As with everything in life the higher the price the higher the quality.
Don't worry too much about whether a massage table has PU or PVC. The higher priced massage tables in the "professional grade" will have the highest quality upholstery available on a massage table which make it harder to damage
and is much more durable and should last your entire career as long as it doesnt come into contact with any sharp objects.
At Massage Warehouse we have minimum quality levels which we will not go below which is why you wont see very cheap massage tables with the cheapest level of upholstery. It is difficult to tell the quality level
simply from a picture on the internet which is why word of mouth and customer reviews are important to us in spreading the message about the quality of our products.

With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives. The letters "CE" stand for "Conformité Européenne" ("European Conformity")

Massage tables can generally be split into two categories across all retailers.
Entry level generally go up to £150 and the components of the massage table will be lower in quality than the Professional grade massage tables. Components include absolutely everything on the massage table including the upholstery,
the foam quality and density, the wood or aluminium and everything even down to the screws and hinges.
Professional grade massage tables have the highest quality components. The wood chosen in the frame will be free from knots. The aluminium used will be aircraft grade offering the highest strength.
The upholstery will be very high quality and the foam will be high density and of very high quality to provide firmness yet softness. Overall the build quality will be much higher.
When deciding which level you want to go for, we realise people are on budgets in these harder times. Entry level will suit light commercial use and a lot of people get by fine at this level.
If you are a professional and want to portray a high level of professionalism and the massage table is getting a lot of use it will make more sense in the long run to go for the professional grade of massage table as you may decide
a few years down the line you want to upgrade anyway if you originally went for the entry level. After all the price difference is often only the cost of 2-3 extra treatments

Easy access end panels
With easy access end panels it allows you to put your knees under the massage table easily. If the massage table doesn't have easy access panels but a bar running across the end of the legs you can still put your knees
under the massage table by putting you feet under the bar and on a therapists rolling stool roll forward and pivot at your ankles so your knees roll forward. But having easy access panels is much easier!!

Lifting Back Rest
A lifting back rest allows you to use the massage table for seated treatments such as reflexology and facial treatments. It also allows you to raise clients up to remain seated for a few minutes after the treatment to catch themselves-Particularily useful for elderly clients.
There is one downside however The support mechanism for the back rest will add roughly 2-3kgs to a table so massage tables with lifting back rests are usually not very good for mobile work.
When you do a lot of mobile work it is better if you go for a massage table without a lifting back rest. If you absolutely must have a lifting back rest and you do mobile work there are 4 options available to you:
1) Buy a massage table trolley cart to wheel your heavier massage table around.
2) Buy a flat lightweight massage table and use pillows in the clients hoe to prop them up
3) Buy a flat lightweight massage table and also buy a wedge bolster ( which can act as a backrest and is light enough to carry with you.
4) Buy the lightest available massage table with a lifting back rest and choose a narrower option to reduce the weight further. You can get the Affinity Marlin and the Portalite Aluminium 25 inch wide options, which weigh 14.5kg and are the lightest massage tables with back rests available on the market with suitable dimensions.

Built in breath hole
This is the breath hole with bung inside the main section of the massage table.
This has traditionally been the main form of face hole used. The benefit of this is that you don't have to carry an extra face cradle.
However, an extending face cradle at the end of a massage table offers more comfort to the face and cheeks but also greater access for the therapist to the shoulders and neck.
Some massage tables have both but if you have to choose one then the extending face cradle option is much better.

Face Cradle Extension
A massage table with an extending face cradle at the end of the massage table offers greater comfort to the face and cheeks but also greater access for the therapist to the shoulders and neck than the built in breath hole option.

Side Arm Extensions
These add around 14cms to each side of the massage table. They are removable and can be used only when needed.
With a standard width massage table they are not needed although some therapists do prefer them especially for larger clients to hang their arms out the sides of the massage table.
Some massage tables come with them or they can be purchased separately.

Have any questions or comments about anything above? Please let us know in the comments below!

Massage Table Size Guide

Massage tables comes in many different shapes and size. It can be confusing for you, the customer, to choose the right one but we are here to help!

A lot of customers call us up after they have bought the wrong size massage table elsewhere and we would like to help you avoid this mistake. It normally goes something like this; they like the look of a picture of a massage table on a website, they like the low price and then they check the carrying weight is ok. If the carrying weight fits their needs they click add to cart and the new massage table turns up at their doorstep in a few days. They unfortunately assume all massage tables are pretty much the same width and size.

The standard size of a massage table is 28 inches wide (71cms) and 73 inches (185cms) long. One of the reasons many "lightweight" budget massage tables are so cheap is because

  1.  They are smaller in size (normally around 61cms wide) and as such have less materials
  2. They are sold by specialist retailers who also sell anything else they can import and turn a profit on. As such they just buy the cheapest massage tables they can find in China. They go for smaller sizes as they are cheaper.

Make sure the massage table is the right size for you and your clients as the narrow massage tables at 61cms can be very uncomfortable for anyone who isn't petite and many clients cannot relax with their shoulders and arms unsupported.


The Width of the Massage Table:

Almost all therapists choose the standard 28 inch wide massage table. All our massage tables are the same length so it is only the width and shape our customers need to decide on.

Your massage table should be wide enough to cater for the wide variety of shapes and sizes of your clients. It needs to be wide enough to comfortably accommodate your treatment style, while being narrow enough to ensure you don’t have to strain your own back during treatments.

Each therapist's postural training and ability is different, so only you will know what massage table width you can handle. We have spoken to therapists who are five feet tall and get the wider 30 inch massage tables, and we speak to six foot therapists who have back problems and go for a 25 inch wide massage table. Everyone is different.

Generally speaking, if you are of smaller stature, you may do better with one of the narrower 25-inch massage tables. If you're quite tall, or are particularly keen to offer your clients a very spacious experience, a 30-inch massage table might be more suitable.

If you are in doubt, see if you can go into your local training college and see whether the massage tables there suit you. However, there is another way to get a feel for what will work of you don’t have access to a couch when you are deciding:

Cut out a piece of cardboard to the dimensions of both sizes you are deciding between. Put it on top of the kitchen table and lean over it. Visualise a client lying there, and see which width will suit you and your client best.

measuring the width of a massage table

Make sure you can get close enough to the table that you can pivot at the waist and have your shoulders squared to the clients hips, with your hands parallel to the clients' spine. Working in this position will ensure an injury-free career, so it's an important factor in your decision.

The most popular massage table widths are 28 and 30 inches. We sell 25-inch massage tables but you should really only choose this width if you are shorter in height and having a wider massage table might put your own back at risk over the course of your career.

You can also choose the 25-inch if you want to have the lightest massage table possible. By reducing the width of the massage table, the weight is also reduced. Now, this can mean a trade-off of some client comfort, but this trade is often worthwhile if you are a fully mobile therapist and use public transport frequently, where saving a kilogram or two will make a difference to you over time.


The Height Of the Massage Table

Nowadays, almost all portable massage tables come with height adjustable legs. Whichever massage table you choose should come with a large height range to accommodate you, and to cater for a broad range of therapies.

A common height range of massage tables is between 60 to 80cm, and this height range should cater for everyone. To check which height you need your massage table to be at follow this rule of thumb:

1. Stand up straight with your hands by your sides. Clench your fists.
2. Measure the distance between the floor and your knuckles
3. This distance should equal the height of your massage table.
4. Add a few inches in height to allow for the body of the patient on the massage table.

The height of a massage table is usually only adjusted when different therapists are using the same massage table, or if you have a client that is outside the average size you normally treat. So for example, if someone with a lot of body depth comes for a treatment after an average size person, you may need to adjust the height a notch or two.

You should be able to adjust the height of a massage table in just 2-3 minutes. Even though you mightn't adjust the height very often, the faster the better when you do have to!

There are 2 types of height adjustment mechanisms found on modern massage tables.

1) Twisting knobs (found only on wooden massage tables):

If you are working with a wooden massage table, it is better to have two knobs on each of the four legs for greater strength and reliability. When buying online, make sure to check how many knobs are on the legs. Cheap massage tables often only have one knob, and when you raise the legs to the highest heights they are less stable and have been known to snap.

2) Telescopic push-buttons (found only on aluminium massage tables):

The mechanism to adjust the height of an aluminium massage table is much the same as the push-button method on aluminium crutches. It only takes a few seconds to adjust each leg, and the mechanism is very reliable. Check out the video to see how it’s done.


Massage Table Shape:

The following are the different shapes of massage tables on the market.

1. Rectangle shaped with square corners 

This is the traditional shape of a massage table and the one you are probably familiar with seeing. Our Combi-lite 3 in 1 and Affinity Portaflex are shaped like this.

2. Rectangle shaped with rounded corners

Same as no 1 above in every way except the corners are rounded. Does not affect function in any way, just a different design/look.


3. Hour glass shaped with gradual gradient 

A fabulous massage table innovation in recent years, which solves a lot of the problems around choosing the correct width is the hourglass shaped massage table.

This style of massage table is wider at the ends, and tapers somewhat at the middle. This provide a spacious and comfortable experience for your client (as the shoulder and feet area are 30 inches wide) without compromising your own posture and health, as the middle of the couch where you lean over is a much narrower 26 inches wide.Having recently upgraded to one of these hourglass massage tables myself, I can vouch that my working days are much more comfortable, and many of my clients have commented on the extra comfort from the wider shoulder area.


4. Hour glass shaped with sharp gradient
Same as point above but instead of the it gradually going from wide to narrow, the massage table changes quickly from normal width to narrow width so people of very short stature can get in close.
5. Oval Shaped

 The name says it all! There are no corners on the massage table. Therapists normally choose this for one of two reasons. They simply like the look of this massage table and it is aesthetically more pleasing in their treatment room and/or they find it easier to move around the massage table during the treatment without having to side step the corners. This is particularly handy when space is limited in your treatment room.

oval massage table


Have any questions or comments about anything above? Please let us know in the comments below!