Electric & Hydraulic Couch Cashback Offer


We are happy to offer £100 Cashback to a selection of our electric couch range in exchange for a video review plus a photograph of you/one of your team with your new couch.

The video must be high quality in both picture and sound and shot in landscape mode. The video and photo will be reviewed before it is accepted. If the video/photo is not of usable quality we reserve the right to refuse the cashback offer. But you may redo it and resubmit the video if we don't accept it the first time around.

The video and photo may be used on our website and social media channels for promotional purposes.

Please note this is a limited time offer available on the Avalon, Plinth medical and Seers entire range. If you are in doubt as to whether or not your own couch is eligible, feel free to pop us a message and our team would be happy to assist you!

What to discuss in your video review?

Some questions to ask yourself before you record your view that might help you include:

  1. Why you chose that couch?
  2. What features you like?
  3. What therapies you're using it for?
  4. Why you chose Massage Warehouse, and any positive feedback you or your customers have about the table?

The review should last between 2-3 minutes :)

Here is a sample video another customer sent if you would like to see what we accept :). The customer just sent the raw video file so don't worry about any of the test or editing, we do that part!!

After recording your review, please email it over to us at customersupport@massagewarehouse.co.uk. You can use dropbox or another file sharing service to send us the download link if you prefer.