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How to Keep Your Clients Warm & Cosy During A Massage!


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When the weather gets chilly, one of the nicest things we can do for our clients is to keep them warm and cosy. Imagine how grateful and welcome clients feel walking in from the damp and cold outside - to a warm, cosy oasis of tranquility in your treatment room. Feeling cold is miserable and we want all our clients to have a 5-star experience when they come to see us!

Keeping clients warm during their massage is not only key to their enjoyment but also to getting the maximum benefit from their massage by calming the nervous system, increasing blood flow and improving muscle flexibility.

Above all, anything you can do to create an inviting ambience away from the stress of daily life will add to your clients' experience. Not only will it feel wonderful at the time  of the treatment, it will also leave a lasting memory with the client which, more often that not, leads to repeat bookings and word of mouth referrals.

So what can massage therapists do to keep their client warm and comfortable during their massage?

The most important thing to remember is to PRE-HEAT your massage room ready for your client in plenty of time for the treatment. Be especially mindful of those clients early in the day when your room might not be as warm, so switch on heating/heaters well in advance.  Also, make sure there are no nasty draughts in the space!

Recently in our Facebook discussion group for therapists a therapist was asking opinions about the pros and cons of installing an infrared wall heater in their treatment room. You can become a member of the of the group and read what everyone had to say!


Tip no. 1 - Keep your beautiful massage table nice and warm for your clients by using a heated blanket under the top sheet

This warming pad for massage tables keeps the client warm while receiving treatment and creates a cozy environment for increased relaxation. The pad stays in place with elastic straps on and will fit all massage tables. The level of warmth can be adjusted to suit the situation and is distributed evenly throughout the table. Just imagine lying on a couch with the warmth rising up through you while receiving a massage, an amazing feeling which will keep the clients coming back for more! 

massage table electric blanket warmer


To avoid ever having to wash the electric blanket you can cover it with our ultra-thin hygiene protective barrier so all the heat can still transfer through but keeps the warming pad clean and hygienic.


Tip no. 2 - Add an extra cloud-like layer of comfort to your table with acomfy fleece pad set

Add an extra layer of comfort with the comfy fleece pad set. As well as protecting your massage table it keeps your clients extra cosy in the winter months and makes your table extra comfy. The fleece pad attaches to your couch with elastic straps on each corner so it will fit every size of massage table. Adding a fleece layer under your sheets and towels give your table a cloud-like feel! It actually has a cooling effect in the summer so you can use it all year round. Fleece padding is particularly useful for lower priced massage tables which have lower quality and lower density foam padding. 

massage table fleece pad


Tip no. 3 - Warmtowels are a great way to add a luxury spa feel to your treatment room!

Covering the eyes or face with a warm towel while treating the rest of the body can be a lovely experience for the client. Something they may experience at a high end spa but not at a typical massage therapist's treatment room. Offering the best and above the rest is what will make you stand out from the competition. And using a warm damp cloth at the and of the treatment to wipe the oil off the skin leaves a refreshing feeling and is very effective at leaving the skin oil free to put clothes back on to. 

massage warm towels

Keep your towels in a towel warmer close-by, ready to use on your client so you don't need to leave the room. Sized to fit easy on a counter top or trolley in your treatment room. The spa towel warmer offers you the ability to impress your clients and provide them with the ultimate in spa warmth and comfort. Warm towels can also calm the nervous system and soften tissue by reducing tension.

towel warmer for spa massage


Tip no. 4 - You know the feeling of checking into a high end hotel with its amazing quality cotton sheets on the bed?  

Pass that feeling onto your client with these soft 100% brushed cotton sheets that will hug their body to make for  luxurious massage experience.


cotton sheet for massage table

Tip no. 5 - Help your clients reach deeper levels of relaxation with a massage oil warmer for your massage oil

Who doesn't love that feeling of warmed oil on the skin? The Massage Oil Bottle Warmerwill keep your clients even happier by warming your favourite oil, cream, gel, or lotion. They'll love that you go the extra mile to make their treatment even more enjoyable. Our electric oil warmer is durable and easy to clean. The warmer will gently warm the oil to a perfect 60 degrees Celsius and has automatic temperature control. Your oil will stay warm for your clients and never be too hot!

Tip no. 6 - Hot stone therapy feels amazing! Even if it's not specifically a hot stone treatment you are offering!

The heat from the stones has a sedative effect on the whole body so it is extremely relaxing and effective for relieving pain. It also does a great job at keeping your client warm while you and your hands work your magic! 

Learning hot stone massage is a great add-on to your therapies and even if you are not specifically offering a hot stone massage in that particular treatment, adding some stones here and there for examples, on the shoulders or lower back while you are treating the legs can really add to the treatment experience for the client.

The hot stones are made from basalt, cut from volcanic rock and they're hand shaped and hand polished. Basalt is the stone of choice to use for hot stones because of its excellent heat retaining properties. The stones will stay warm for 90 minutes. 

The digital hot stone heater has a built in temperature controller allowing the stones to be kept at a constant temperature. You simply press the buttons up and down to set your desired temperature. The indicator light lets you know the current temperature at all times and also when your desired temperature is reached so you don't have to wait by its side and can get on with other stuff while it heats up at the correct temperature. The heater has a capacity of 64 stones but is ideally used with 40-45 stones. Due to its size this hot stone heater can also me easily moved around and brought to clients homes.

Tip no. 7 - No one wants to feel your cold hands on their back!

So start with warm hands by rubbing them together to create friction. If that doesn't work, you can run them under hot water, hold hot stones or warm a wheat bag to hold before you go in the treatment room.

Tip no. 8 - Keep the areas you are not treating, covered and cosy at all times with effective draping techniques using the correct fabrics

In this fabulous episode of our series The Muscle Whisperer - Thoughtful Tips For Therapists with Kate BrowneKate shares a host of tips and techniques for DRAPING. As well as covering the basics of how to make your client feel secure and comfortable, Kate also shares 3 ways for beginning treatments over covers to aid in relaxation and get things started at a lovely pace. There are some great tips for keeping your client warm and how to start a treatment when your hands are cold!

You can find the Songbird Relaxation Massage Wax Kate uses in the video here, plus enjoy 10% off any Songbird wax using the code thebestwax at checkout! And you can find the 100% Brushed Cotton Sheet Set Kate uses for draping her clients in a range of different colours here; 

How do you plan on keeping your clients 
warm this winter?  Let us know in the comments!