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Nikki Wolf

Nikki is the owner of Orchid Massage Academy, where she provides mentoring and online training to help massage therapists up-level their skills and develop a successful, fulfilling therapy business.

After more than 20 years in the industry, as a therapist, spa manager, and massage teacher, Nikki knows what makes a successful massage therapist. It’s not learning endless modalities or techniques. It’s about attracting exactly the right clients using modern marketing and retaining those clients by tailoring the perfect massage that meets their needs.

In addition to her extensive massage experience, Nikki holds a degree in International Marketing. She combines her business and therapy acumen to help new and seasoned therapists take their therapy business to the next level. 

Nikki Wolf joins Massage Warehouse's Ask The Muscle Whisperer panel!

Nikki has been exploring new ways for therapists to leverage their skills and expertise beyond the traditional physical limitations of the massage industry. In March 2020, she created a mentoring programme to help massage therapists add an online component to their business, so they could survive the pandemic and come back stronger.

Nikki has appeared in “International Therapist”, “the NHS” and “City Life” magazines.

When she’s not teaching or mentoring. She’ll be walking on a beach on Anglesey with her dog, Storm. 

Click here to find out more about Orchid Massage Academy or here for more details on Nikki's mentorship program. Alternatively you can follow on Facebook here.

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