Occupying Yourself During Vitrectomy Recovery

Let's be honest, it can be daunting heading into a Vitrectomy and associated recovery period. Face down at home 24 hours a day for days on end doesn't appeal to anybody!

The first and most crucial thing to remember is how invaluable your sight is! When you think how many years of restored vision you will enjoy, 10-14 days of recovery period seems absolutely worth it. Try and remember this throughout your recovery time.

Please read on for some advice on making your recovery period as smooth, comfortable and quick as possible:

Schedule Your Following Day The Night Before

By planning a daily routine the night before,  you remove that sinking feeling of waking up to a long, boring day of doing nothing. This is most definitely the best thing you can do to make your recovery period go faster.

While everyone is different, a typical schedule could look like this:

  • 9am - Breakfast
  • 10am - Writing/Journaling/Reading
  • 12pm - Listen to an Audiobook/ Favourite Music
  • 1pm - Lunch
  • 2pm - An Activity Such as Card Game or Board Game
  • 4pm - Watch A Movie or TV Series
  • 6pm -Dinner
  • 8pm -Guest Visit
  • 10pm - Bed

Although not the most action packed schedule, the break-up of activities helps prevent the day becoming stagnant.

Take Up A New Hobby Or Special Project

With an abundance of free time on your hands, it might serve you well to take up a small hobby or project that can be accomplished within your recovery period. This can vary from approaching a new language to learn, doing some creative writing, making your way through books you've wanted to read or even researching a holiday destination! Having a goal within your recovery period is a great way to add another sense of purpose to the healing process.

Move Around The House Whenever Possible

Similar to creating a routine, by switching up which rooms you stay in your house, you can again feel more of a routine rather than remaining in one place for 24 hours. This is where our different pieces of equipment come in handy, allowing you to set up shop in different rooms!

Spread Guest Visits Over The Duration Of Your Recovery Period

If you do have friends or family, don't be shy in asking them to come round to visit, you'll be glad for the company! However, rather than all coming at once, try have one guest come every two days or so to give you company more often. For some light-hearted humour, ask them to wear some silly socks as that's all you'll be able to see!

Take It One Day At A Time

Rather than think how you are going to get through the next few weeks in this way, instead focus only on the day ahead. As we said, your eyesight is ultimately precious, a few days in this way is a small price to pay for a lifetime of vision!