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6 reasons why I love being a massage therapist

6 reasons why I love being a massage therapist

After years in any business it can be easy to overwork ourselves, start to feel like we are burning out or simply become a bit jaded. 


Facebook post from Debra Malone Barron about burn out


It is always worth checking in regularly and remembering why you started off any venture that you were once so passionate about. So we wanted to share 6 reasons why we love being massage therapists to hopefully inspire our fellow therapists to remember what sparked their love of massage therapy! 


1. We help people feel better 

There are not many people who get to say they relieve people's pain everyday. There isn't really a greater purpose we could hope to have in life. 

 Facebook post from Julie Nobach about why she became a massage therapist


When you are feeling jaded and dealing with nightmare clients it can be hard to remember that we are truly blessed as massage therapists to work each day with such a great purpose. Take five at the end of a bad day to read some of your past reviews so you can leave the blues in the office and head home with a more cheery outlook. 


 Instagram post from Jenny Hamption with client feedback from a massage treatment


Many therapists use reviews as great promotion materials for their massage therapy businesses on social media. However they can also be a really handy reminder on rubbish days as to why you got into this industry... and why you matter to your nice clients. 


2. We get to feel valued

Many of us as therapists have left unfulfilling jobs looking for something more meaningful. 


Facebook post from Erica Hokett about wanting to work as a massage therapist to feel valued


It is easy to forget how lucky we are to have a job where people are pleased to see you, especially when we are in the middle of a hectic week!

Slow down and take time with your clients to show how much you value them in return. Thank them for their kind words and tell them what it means to you to have them as a client.

Not only will this pay off in terms of your own well being as a massage therapist but it will strengthen the relationship between you and your client and...... hopefully strengthen their loyalty! 


3. You can set your own hours

Starting out as a massage therapist it can be scary. Trying to fill your books with lovely clients can be really daunting and it can also be easy to give in to working crazy hours, filling up the whole weekend or working late into the night.


 Meme about being chained to your desk in an office job



But over time as you master your scheduling you will be able to take advantage of another amazing perk of being a massage therapist. Setting your own hours is something people in other lines of work can only dream of, especially if you have children or other commitments that require a bit of flexibility, you can still earn a great salary and be your own boss! 


4. Everyday is different!

I am sure we have all worked in jobs where every second felt like it lasted an hour! Where each day felt the same as the day before and the day before that. 


Ground Hog Day Meme


As we all know when working as a massage therapist you should be striving to provide a tailor made treatment to each of your clients. Not only does this deliver the level of service that will keep your clients coming back, it also means that no two treatments will ever be the same. 

Taking this approach will keep pushing you as a massage therapist, will encourage you to keep your skills up to date and will keep you falling in love in our profession! 


5. We can focus on our passions and pivot anytime we need to

As massage therapists we can choose to work in a niche that reflects the issues we are passionate about. Whether it is focusing on a particular ailment or working with a particular community group, we can tailor our massage therapy businesses to give back to the issues we care most about. 


Post for pregnancy massage niche


By focusing on a niche you can use your previous professional and personal experiences to help you relate to clients and work on something you are passionate about. In turn this can help you get ahead, fill up your books and set you up as a specialist, meaning you can earn more money for fewer massage treatments! 


Facebook post from Janie Pumphrey about working in a niche


this leads us nicely on to... 


6. We get to make a difference 

It can be easy to underestimate the impact we have as massage therapists.

Take time to think back to a time when you have had pain or tension in your muscles. Remember how much you craved relief and how much it impacted your day, week or month! 

Being in pain can impact people's jobs, relationships, their family life as well as their health. The relief you bring as a massage therapist will have a massive knock on effect both in their life and those around them.


Facebook post from Lani Oft Mitchell about receiving help from a massage therapist and becoming a therapist herself


Just think about it. A client is struggling with back pain, they are a CEO and their pain is making them super grumpy at work! All the employees are struggling to deal with their boss' bad moods and some have even started looking for new jobs. At the end of the day the client struggles to get to the supermarket to pick up some food, at the check out they snap at the checkout attendant who ends their day feeling rubbish too. 

and so on and so on.... 

This might seem a bit cheesy but when we are dealing with creepy clients or having a week of cancellations hold on to the fact that your work is making a difference in your community in ways you might not even realise! 


Instagram post with feedback from a happy massage client


Why do you love working as a massage therapist? Let us know in our Facebook thread

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