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Physical & Complementary Therapists Supporting NHS Workers After COVID-19

How can we repay the hard work and dedication of these often unsung heroes after the current situation subsides?

We are currently setting up a platform and interactive map where massage therapists can connect with NHS workers in their local area and donate a massage treatment as a way of saying thank you and supporting our NHS services. 

Not only will you be helping out someone deserving, we will be launching a PR and press campaign that will give you the therapist lots of free local marketing and press along with building up the massage industry as a whole to give it a healthy boost.

Are you ready for #MassageTherapistsTogether?  Fill out the form below to be added to the campaign and we'll be in touch via email with further details.



There are 3 goals for this campaign:

  1. Give something back to the NHS front line workers through our fabulous skills, show them our industry cares and help them relax or treat the aches and pains that may have built up from working though COVID-19
  2. Give the massage industry a welcome boost on a national level through press
  3. Give you the therapist a boost on a local level through your own local press


There is a lot of work behind the scenes to get this campaign started and launched. It will be launched over the following stages:

  1. Currently we are in PHASE I – Collecting details from therapists who are interested in taking part. If you wish to take part please fill out the form via the link below. Meanwhile, in the background, we at Massage Warehouse are building software and an interactive map where the NHS doctors and nurses can find you, their local therapist.
  2. Once we have collected enough therapists we will launch Phase II which will be a PR campaign to get the word out to the NHS and public through the press.
  3. Phase III – Once therapists are back working normally, an ongoing promotion campaign to make sure all the doctors and nurses know about this offer and you can help on a local level during this phase by getting the word out.


The map and software are still being worked on but you can see the idea and the work in progress here: Interactive Map. NHS front line workers will be able to find you thought this map.


Q: When will the campaign start?
A: The campaign will start once the lockdown ends and the professional associations for massage and complementary therapies recommend it is safe to go back to work as therapists.

Q: How long will the campaign last?

A: The campaign will last for 30 days from the date it starts. So for example, if we can safely go back to work on June 1st, the campaign will run for 30 days from June 1st.  We feel 30 days is long enough for NHS workers to avail of the campaign and puts a time limit on the campaign so that you the therapist are not contacted indefinitely.

Q: How can I help out as a therapist?

A: If you are a therapist, please join our Facebook group. We need help getting the word out to all therapists so that the campaign has therapists in all areas that can be accessed by the NHS doctors and nurses.

You can do this by:

      • sharing this web page on your social media

      • contacting your professional association to ask them to get the news out to their members.
      • when the public promotion campaign starts you can help by contacting your local newspaper and radio stations. More details to follow on this portion inside the FB group

Q: How will the NHS front line workers find therapists taking part?

A: We are building an interactive map that is searchable. When you take part as a therapist you will be listed on the map. The NHS workers can type in their post code and find therapists nearby who are kindly donating. Each therapist listing has the types of therapies listed so that they can choose a participating therapist based on location or by therapy type. The map and software is still being worked on but you can see the idea and the work in progress here: Interactive Map.

Q: How many treatments do I have to donate?

A: We recommend you donate a minimum of 1 treatment and a maximum of 5. It is entirely up to yourself however and depends on how much time you can give and your availability. The NHS front line workers can contact you via phone or email and you can accept or decline the booking as you would do any normal client of patient.

Q: Will my details be removed from the campaign when it ends?

A: Yes, absolutely. Once the campaign ends after 30 days, we will be removing the map from our website and deleting all the therapists listings. 

Q: Why is Massage Warehouse doing this?

A: We have been in business a long time and we are the UK's only specialist retailer. We are also run by therapists so we care for the therapist community and industry. What we do is our job but also our passion. Our industry is down now and because of the touch aspect of our profession we have been one of the worst hit industries. We have started this campaign not only to give back to the NHS workers fighting for all of us, but also to support the massage and complementary health industry and the therapists within it who are our customers but also our friends and colleagues. We want us all to come out of this stronger together.

Q: I have a suggestion or question, how can I get in touch?

A: Please do not email the website customer support about this campaign. Our customer support is just for product advice and support. Please get in touch via the Facebook group where we have dedicated support for this. Or ask a question in the comments at the bottom of this page.



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