Meet The Muscle Whisperers!

What if you had access to the top thought leaders in our industry? What if you could have your questions answered by tremendously experienced experts in their field? Well, now you can!

We have brought together the top thought leaders and experts in our industry to join a unique panel of specialists we collectively call ...The Muscle Whisperers!

Each month we will ask our panel of Muscle Whisperers your burning questions so you can benefit from their years of experience and avoid any time-consuming mistakes!

These guys really are the cream of the crop including published authors, lecturers and successful therapists. Click through on each image to see their individual biography.

Susan FindlayEmma GilmoreEarle Abrahamson

Dror BodyologyJane langstonDarien PritchardCarl Newbury

Sue Bailey GateWay Workshops 

How can you submit a question for the experts to answer?

You can do this two ways!

  1. Simply email your question to Please put #askthemusclewhisperer in the subject line of the email. Then keep an eye out in subsequent editions of The Muscle Whisperer and you can read the answer or advice. (If you're not already signed up to receive "The Muscle Whisperer Weekly", you can do so here.)
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