The Benefits of Proper Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment

If you or someone close to you has been assigned a vitrectomy, you may be contemplating how to best prepare yourself for the oncoming recovery period. Speaking from years of experience working with vitrectomy patients, we can say with certainty it is always best to have as much high quality recovery supports as you can at hand. Just some of the advantages of having this equipment include:

  • Increased Recovery Success:By having recovery equipment at hand, you are far more likely to spend the full required time in prone position, leading to a much better success rate after your procedure. We understand it may be difficult to do so without this equipment at hand!

  • Greater Comfort:With a variety of sitting/lying options available through our different rental products, you won't have to spend all day every day of the recovery process lying flat in bed!

  • More Productivity During Recovery:With our table top kit and our sitting day chair, along with our free two way mirror that's included with all packages, you will be able to join family at the dinner table, watch TV and even get some work done during your recovery period!

  • Less Stress:We're very aware you already have a lot on your plate before your surgery and the last thing you need is added hassle organising the equipment. As well as an open ended rental period (up to 3 weeks) to ensure you don't have to worry about sending the equipment back too soon, we also organise both delivery and collection of the equipment to your front door free of charge :)