Vitrectomy Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Period:Rental Period starts from the first day of your chosen Rental Date for the following 21 days including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Extension on Rental Period:Rental Periods can be extended further if more recovery time is required. Extension fees are set on a case-by-case basis depending on how much further time is required. To extend your time, please email us at or call us on +1443806590 at least 5 business days before your final rental day.

Delivery:Delivery of rental equipment is free of charge. Delivery will take place on or before the business day of your first rental day. Someone needs to be at your home address to receive the delivery, which will take place between 9am-6pm. A tracking number will be provided beforehand which will give you a clearer window of delivery time.

If no-one is home to receive the delivery, a £15 delivery fee must be paid for a re-attempt of delivery.

Photos Before Return:All customers who order our Vitrectomy Equipment must send full, clear photos of all equipment before it is packaged up, as well as after all packages are sealed up. These photos will be used for reference during inspection upon return to our warehouse so we know if there is any damage it may have been caused during transit with our courier partners.

Preparing Equipment for Collection: When preparing the rental equipment for collection, please take note of the following:

  • All equipment is to be wiped down using non-abrasive, non-harsh cleaning materials. We find a mild soap with warm water is effective, followed by patting down to dry with a towel or kitchen paper.
  • All equipment is to be packaged correct as it was received in it's corresponding packaging. Please note the Two-Way Mirror is not to go inside the other packaging. This is counted as it's own package; an individual label will be sent specifically for it.
  • All packaging is to be sealed securely with tape
  • Even if your equipment arrives in one box, all items must be repackaged separately in it's corresponding box

Collection:Collection will take place the next business day after the final day of rental period. Collection is free of charge. If your recovery time is shorter than 21 days and you no longer have a requirement for the equipment, we would greatly appreciate if you contact us to arrange an earlier collection date as there may be another patient on our waiting list to receive the rental equipment! Please note the original price of rental equipment stands regardless of a shortened rental period.

Someone needs to be at your home address to receive the collection courier, which will take place between 9am-6pm. A printer may be required to print a collection label.

Equipment Care & Proper Use:The equipment is intended for assistance in recovery of Vitrectomy or other Retinal Surgeries or Procedures which require extended periods of time in prone position. All equipment must be handled with care. All equipment must be cleaned and wiped down with gentle, chemical-free and alcohol-free cleaning materials.

We understand that accidents can happen. If for any reason a break, tear, spill or stain occurs on any of the equipment during your rental period, please get in touch straight away and send a photo so that we may record it.

All equipment is inspected upon return to our warehouse. Any tears, breaks, spills or stains found that were not recorded to us during the rental period will be subject to a cleaning or repair fee that must be paid by the customer.

Smoking:Smoking is not permitted at any time around the recovery equipment. This is to accommodate other customers who may be non-smokers. Any smoking must be done away from the equipment.

All equipment is inspected upon return to our warehouse. Any equipment found to be in clear contact with cigarette smoke will be subject to a £25 cleaning fee that must be paid by the customer.