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Top 10 ways to upgrade a tired massage table

Interior of modern massage room with a massage table ready for a treatment
Is your massage table looking tired but you're not quite ready to take the plunge and look for a new one? Perhaps you are a newly qualified massage therapist and have opted for a second hand massage table or inherited a massage table that isn't quite up to the quality you would like.
Don't worry there are lots of ways to upgrade your treatment table without breaking the bank and still have your massage therapy clinic or mobile massage treatments looking top notch!

Our top 10 ways to turn your massage table from shabby to chic! 

1. Change the colour of any massage table

Just like giving a room a fresh lick of paint, you can cover your massage table and hide any blemishes with a fresh cotton or terry towel fitted couch cover. They come in different styles and colours so you can choose a colour that best suits your decor. They also serve to upgrade the treatment experience by offering your clients fresh new bedding for each treatment.


Terry Towel Massage Couch Cover



2. Replace the vinyl covering

Some old massage ables receive years of abuse from chemical and alcohol based cleaners which take out the moisture from the upholstery and make them corrode and tear. Massage oils and body sweat residue if left on the couch surface will also erode the material over many years.  If left in storage without use for long periods, the issues can compound where bacteria eats away at the vinyl.

Example of damaged vinyl on a massage table

What is the solution?

We've made fitted replacement covers out of the same high quality PU vinyl that our professional treatment tables are made out of. So instead of having your entire table re-upholstered, which has to be done by a professional and can cost quite a lot, you can simply cover the table with a new upholstery cover made of the same or better material than your previous table.

If you originally bought a low cost table then you are now getting the covering from a professional grade higher quality massage table.

pu vinyl massage table cover


3. Upgrade your face cushion

One part of every massage table that has come a long way in terms of design and technology is the face cushion. Old massage tables had hard breath holes which left a ring on the clients face. Then face cushions were introduced

different types of face cushions for massage tables


And we have recently upgraded the face cushion yet again to be more soft yet supportive giving a more generous and ergonomic cut out for the face and cheek bones and a wider area for the eyes so the head is fully support but nothing gets in the way of the facial comfort and proper breathing function of the client.

massage table face cushion

massage face cushion

4. Treat your clients to extra shoulder & arms room with massage table width extenders 

Not just for broader or slighter larger clients, making your massage table wider can increase the comfort for a range of customers, after all who doesn't appreciate a bit of extra space!

Adding a width extender is a ridiculously easy way to add value to your massage table treatments. In mere seconds you can increase the space clients have to rest their arms by eleven inches! 



5. You can also treat your taller clients to extra leg and foot space with massage table length extenders 

If increasing the width isn't your thing You can also extend the length of your massage table easily and inexpensively, with this lengthening accessory. Who knows, by promoting this feature on social media you might even get some referrals as often taller people are put off going for a massage as it can be uncomfortable to be hanging off the edge of the massage table!


6. Strengthen the cradle

 If your table was of the cheap budget type then chances are the face cradle could be improved. Our professional treatment tables come with the highest quality and most robust face cradles produced today.

And the good news is you can buy them separately and retrofit them to most modern tables to give your client a sturdier and more secure feeling treatment

face cradle for massage table


7. Hide that clutter!

Tidy up your treatment room or keep your mobile massages neat and tidy with a handy under table accessory shelf

Under Table Shelf from Massage Warehouse


Perfect for storing oils, bolsters or extra sheets towels, this easy to assemble waterproof shelf means that everything you need for your treatments will be within an easy reach, making your massages slicker and the room more tranquil! 


8. Upgrade arm shelf for greater support

Many clients might find having their arms by their side uncomfortable during their massage treatments. Showing that you have gone the extra mile to give your clients some added support and comfort will really cement the value of your massage therapy business in the minds of your clients. 

For under £10 you can add this arm sling to the underside of your massage table, giving your clients more options for their arms during treatments meaning you can really get into the scapula, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi! 


arm sling for massage table

Or for a little extra you can get the best arm shelf on the market. The contour shelf is shaped in line with the 

 arm shelf rest for massage table

9. Spa head cushion 

If you are using a massage table with a lifting back then you may have noticed that many massage tables only have the horse shoe shaped cushion which is more appropriate for prone/face down treatments. 

Perhaps you are a reflexologist or you are planning to offer Indian head massage treatments. These are just two examples where it would be handy to invest less than £20 to provide a more comfortable treatment with a spa head cushionfor your clients and plus, what customer wouldn't be impressed that you are offering them multiple options to keep them comfy! 

Spa Head Cushion from Massage Warehouse UK


10. Give your clients that floating on a cloud feeling! 

For many clients going for a massage is associated with visiting a spa and experiencing a certain level of luxury. Whilst we want to encourage our clients to see us as more than a one off treat, it doesn't hurt to bring a little bit of a spa like ambience into your treatments.

Creating a luxurious and relaxing space will aid in your clients unwinding during their treatments, remember massage is an awkward experience to many people, so anything you can do to create an inviting ambience away from the stress of daily life will add to your clients' experience, and make it more likely that they will be tempted to come back regularly. 

Adding a fleece layer under your sheets and towels give your table a cloud like feel! Fleece pads are 1 inch thick and are guaranteed to almost send your clients to sleep its so relaxing these can be used year round but are especially cosy in winter! 


For another extra element of luxury adding a massage table warmer can really give your treatment the edge and helps towards relaxing your clients muscles especially in the colder months. Whilst it looks similar to a regular electric blanket it is tailor made for massage tables and creates and unforgettably cozy treatment experience.


How do you plan to upgrade your equipment this year without blowing your budget? Let us know in the comments below!


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