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10 Tips for Massage Therapists to Nail That Networking Event

10 Tips for Massage Therapists to Nail That Networking Event

Have you ever been to a networking event? If you have, a huge well done to you! For many massage therapists, attending a networking event can feel – at best – uncomfortable, and at worst, terrifying.

When you’re used to the peace and quiet of a treatment room, the thought of walking into a room full of strangers just to make small talk can be hugely intimidating. People often imagine networking events are all awkward conversations and fake smiles - and the very idea of attending one just feels cringey.

So, if you've ever hesitated at the thought of going to one of these events, or if you HAVE been to one and hated every minute - know that you're not alone!

But what if we looked at networking a little differently? What if, approached with the right mindset, these events can be a huge boost for our massage business… AND we can actually enjoy them too?!

In this blog post, we’re going to change your thinking about networking events. We'll explore why they're valuable to you in your massage business, how to overcome the apprehension associated with them, how to make the most out of the networking opportunities that they offer and, most importantly, how to not hate every minute of it!

Read on for my 10 tips to help you transform networking fear into networking FUN.

networking massage therapists

Tip #1 - You’re NOT looking for Clients – You’re looking for Connections.

Many people see networking events as a way to hand out as many business cards as possible and hope that they’ll get clients from it. However, it’s much better to see these events as an opportunity to make connections with people who will spread the word FOR you about your work, rather than become clients themselves.

You’re looking for people who you could collaborate with; people who could connect or introduce you to others; people who might refer THEIR clients to you, or people who could give you opportunities to get visible to new groups or communities.

This is going to give you a much broader range from which to get potential clients, than trying to “pick off” clients one by one from an event. If you DO get a client from the event, see it as an added bonus, not your main aim.

Tip #2 - Have a clear, “Instant Introduction”.

You want people to quickly ‘get’ what you do and remember it, so they can pass your info on to others. If you can introduce yourself in a memorable and interesting way, it becomes much easier to start conversations – both for you AND for the person you’re talking to.

Don’t just say, “I’m a massage therapist”. Think about how you can introduce yourself in a way that describes your work clearly and succinctly so people can tell straight away if what you do is what they (or someone they know) is looking for.

You’ll know when you have a good introduction, because instead of people asking what you do and saying, “ that’s nice!”, they’ll say, “that’s sounds interesting - tell me more!”, or “ooh I’ve got a friend who could do with your help!”

Tip #3 - Listen more than you talk.

Be genuinely interested in what the other person has to say. Actively listening not only shows your interest but also helps you to ask deeper questions that may give you valuable information – for example you might find areas where you have similarities, which can spark off a deeper conversation. Also, People are much more likely to remember you and share your information with others, if they feel they’ve made a real connection and that you were properly interested in them as a person.

It’s so much easier to ask others about themselves (and let them do most of the talking), than to feel like you’re the one trying to keep the conversation going! People usually love to talk about themselves - all you have to do is ask the questions!

Tip #4 - How can you help?

Many people approach networking thinking about what they can GET from a conversation. Instead, have the mindset of “what can I GIVE?”. Think of networking as a chance for you to HELP as many people as possible.

You’ve got a head start here; after all, as a therapist this is what you do every day! So go in “therapist mode”, listen carefully to each person and think of ways you can help them. – with the pressure to “sell” taken off, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed, and this will make whoever you’re talking to feel relaxed too.

Helping could be anything, from introducing them to someone and giving advice to linking them up with useful information.

If you can’t help then and there, take the person’s details and follow up with them later with the info or advice. (This is also a great way to keep connected with someone after the event. More on the follow up below.)

Tip #5 - Change seats regularly.

Your aim is to speak to as many people as possible in the time, so don’t stay hunkered down in a “safe” place. Get courageous and mingle. Don't be afraid to initiate conversations. Approach others with a smile. I know that this part can be scary. It helps to remember that most people are probably feeling as uncomfortable as you – so again, you’re helping them by giving them an easy, no pressure conversation! And don’t be afraid to be honest about your discomfort. People hate false confidence and love authenticity, so if you’re feeling awkward let them know so you can both laugh about it!

networking massage therapists

Tip #6 - Take business cards AND an Introductory Offer.

Carry business cards as a way to swap details, but make sure each card ALSO has an offer for new clients. Have a time-limit on the offer, to encourage the holder to use it soon. This will stop it getting shoved into a drawer and forgotten about the moment the person gets home.

Tip #7 - Get THEIR Details.

It’s more important for you to get THEIR information than it is for you to give yours. When you have the other person’s details, it means you are then in control of when (and how) you next connect with them. This is much better than waiting for someone to contact you. Obviously, ask as you’re taking their details if it’s ok if you contact them again.

Tip #8 – Relax!

Have fun and just be your usual, lovely self! 😊

AFTER THE EVENT – Following up

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that as long as you’ve chatted to a few people at an event – that’s networking. Having conversations is great – but it isn’t enough. Real networking is about connecting with someone and then keeping that relationship going over time. It's not just about the initial chat; it's about following up afterwards and staying in touch. If you’re not following up, you’re not doing real networking!

You’ve been super brave to even go to that networking event in the first place –now keep that courage going by checking in afterward on some of the key people you connected with.

Aim to follow up within a few days while your interaction is fresh in their memory. Waiting too long might mean they forget or lose interest. Strike while the iron is hot!

Tip #9 - Send a Personalised Thank-You email or social media message.

Express how nice it was to meet them and try to find a way to continue the conversation (this is where it’s nice to offer the “help” mentioned above - that might be a relevant article, offering a helpful tip, or making an introduction.) Do make sure to mention specific points from your conversation to show that you were engaged and listening. Remember this isn’t about selling; it’s about helping. You’re just being a nice, kind, thoughtful person!

If it feels right, you might want to suggest a specific next step, such as scheduling a zoom chat or meeting for a cuppa to build your relationship further and to talk about how you can help each other.

Tip #10 - Follow up more than once if necessary.

If you don't receive a response to your initial follow-up, don't be afraid to send a polite reminder after a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all it takes to reignite the conversation. People are busy, after all!

However, if they don't respond after a couple of attempts, or they reply that they're not interested, don't push any further, let it go and move on.

networking massage therapists
And finally…

Remember, building relationships takes time. Keep in touch with your new connections periodically, ask how they’re getting on, share relevant news, updates or learnings and generally show real interest in them.

The follow up makes all the difference to building those meaningful and useful relationships - ie the reason you went networking in the first place!

When you follow the tips above, you can easily turn those initial connections into lasting partnerships and opportunities to grow your business. Remember, networking is NOT about selling. It’s not even about making connections—it's about nurturing those connections and building ongoing relationships that turn, over time, into colleagues, collaborators… and - yes - actual friends!

Happy networking!

About the Author

Business mentor for massage therapists, Nikki Wolf has over 20 years in the industry; including teaching, owning a massage school, and managing spas. Nikki is on a mission to demystify marketing for therapists and empower them to build their own thriving businesses. When she isn't massaging or mentoring, she’ll be walking on the beach with her dog, Storm. Find out more about mentoring at Orchid Massage Academy.

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