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Tales from the Table - Pretty Pink Thong

Tales from the Table - Pretty Pink Thong

This was sent to me by one of the therapists in the Massage Therapists - Get Through Coronavirus & Come out Stronger Together Facebook group.

This story shares the strange situations we can find ourselves in as massage therapists and why we should follow our instincts like the therapist in this tale!

So, I work from two locations, from home and from a clinic. I have three rules. I don’t see new male clients at home, I don’t take same day bookings, and I always go with my gut feeling.

If it doesn’t feel legit then I don’t book them. It’s a safety thing that sadly is necessary for female therapists, and I expect male therapists to a lesser extent.

This particular day I was working from the clinic. Had I been working from home it wouldn’t have happened.

I received a text message from a guy introducing himself and asking if I had any availability that day. I didn’t, I was fully booked so I told him so, and my gut was telling me this wasn’t quite right.


Then when I came out from treating my first client, I had a message at reception to say my 3.30pm had cancelled. Normally I wouldn’t even have entertained the idea, but for some reason, partly because I was at the clinic with doctors and a manned reception, I decided to text this guy back and offer him the slot. He booked it.

At 3.30pm this smartly dressed guy in his late 20’s walks into the clinic. I introduced myself and took him through to the treatment room for consultation and assessment. He had a legitimate reason for wanting the treatment. I talked through what I intended to do based on what the assessment had shown me but that may change depending on what we find as we go along. He agreed. I asked him to disrobe down to his underwear and lay face down on the couch with the towel covering hips down, and I left the room. 

When I came back in, he was face down but without the towel. He was wearing grey Calvin Klein boxers. I got the towel to cover him. I always stand by the thighs facing the head, lift the waistband of the underwear and tuck the towel in. But this day I didn’t and I have no idea why. I stood further forward and had to look back towards the feet to tuck the towel in. As I lifted the waistband, I saw that he was wearing a bright pink, lacy woman’s thong under his boxers!


I said nothing, I didn’t react at all. I began the treatment as usual. He started chatting away, telling me about his start up business and how well it was doing and where he hoped to go with it. The treatment went fine, and we achieved what we’d set out to. I left him to change, he came out to reception and paid. The only difference was I didn’t invite him to rebook, and he left. I explained to the clinic owner, who was covering reception, why I didn’t want to rebook him.

Just as we were talking, I got a text from the client thanking me for the “amazing massage.” I simply replied with “you’re welcome.” Then this happened...

Him: “I was so embarrassed that you'd notice what I was wearing underneath my boxers! But I hoped you didn't mind?!”

There was no reason for him to think I might have seen. He was face down, couldn’t see where I was standing, and I didn’t react when I saw.

Me: “I did but it's no problem. Each to their own.”

Him: “I hope it didn't freak you! No one would ever know btw”


I thought that last message was a bit weird and in hindsight I shouldn’t have replied but I did...

“No, not really. I take people as I find them. As long as they're doing no harm to me or others then I am of the live and let live mentality. And it's just a pair of undies!”

Him: “You're probably glad I didn't just have them and no boxers! Are you wondering why I wear them?”

Me: “No. Absolutely not my business.”

And that was the end of it. Never heard from him again. This was 2 years ago.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tales from the Table is written by Andrew Stevenson - Sports and Holistic Massage and Reflexology Practitioner (Husband, Dad, Granddad, Chief cook and Bottle Washer) 

Andrew Stevenson Sports and Holistic Massage

I started my working life as an Engineer in the armed forces and I have spent many years participating in a wide range of sports at high levels both locally, nationally and internationally. My body was always in good condition and everyone called me “Peter Pan” as I was always up for a new challenge. However as my age increased so did the injuries, the severity and the recovery times. It was recommended by a friend that I try reflexology and massage to be honest I was very sceptical to point where I said “if jabbing things in your feet makes you better I will just walk around outside on the gravel with no shoes on and save myself a few quid”

My life changed in my 30’s when I had a particularly bad back injury and was given a choice to give up playing sport (Football as a goalkeeper) or give up walking. Having two young children at the time I can still remember my wife’s words "I can’t push the children around in the pushchair and you in a wheelchair so no more football"

At that point I thought my life was over and the world was going to end.

So I tried both reflexology and going for a massage. The older one amongst us will remember the old advert at Christmas for Remington shavers. “I was so impressed I bought the company”. I found the benefits astonishing not only to my physical wellbeing but also my mental wellbeing so in 2005 I qualified as a reflexologist and massage therapist through the AoR (Association of Reflexologists) and started my journey of helping others, working with clients, local sports teams and professional athletes.  

Since qualifying as a therapist I have become a qualified football coach, manager, and club “physio” only retiring from the game in 2020. I have driven rally cars, played cricket and still play golf and compete at both field and target archery. My experiences have taught me first hand to always remember the body is just like any other piece of machinery - if it is not properly maintained then it will fail!

You can follow Andrew on Twitter here! 

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