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22 Pieces - Mini Hot Stone Massage Set

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The perfect introduction kit to Hot Stone Massage therapy, our 22 Piece mini kit has everything you need to deliver a full body hot stone massage! The stones are quick to heat up and slow to cool down and are made from 100% natural Basalt rock. The smooth shape is extremely comfortable on the skin thanks to the hand polishing the stones received. No wax, dye or chemicals are used in the production of the rocks. 

  • 8 Large Ovular Basalt Stones (Recommended 4 for Back, 4 for Thighs during treatment)
  • 8 Medium Ovular Basalt Stones  (Recommended 4 for Arms, 4 for calves during treatment)
  • 4 Small Ovular Basalt Stones (Recommended for Forehead and Head/Crown during treatment)
  • 2 Miniature Pressure Point Basalt Stones (Recommended for Neck or Glutes during treatment)

The Hot Stone Set is packed within a stylish and convenient Bamboo Presentation Box, ideal for displaying in your treatment room or for transporting with you.    

 We recommend using one of our Stone Heaters to heat the Basalt Stones to a temperature of 55-60 degrees Celcius for optimal comfort and relaxation!

Customer Reviews

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Carrie M
Basalt hot stones 8 large

Very pleased with the stones, a good size and quality, lovely to work with. Very quick delivery too.


I like the product however the wooden box was very flimsy and broke.

Chris Adcock
Hot stones

Delivered promptly. Work well!


Excellent product

Ceri Turner
Mushroom Hot Stone - smaller than expected but really like it - better ergonomics, secure grip.

When I saw this I imagined using it to work into the upper trapezius fibres, while maintaing a good secure grip on the stone, without having to hold it very tightly. Also, it having better ergonomics. Years ago, I stopped getting hand an wrist pain and so much back and shoulder discomfort after massage by encoporating more hands free techniques - forearms etc - and using the hand in a different way eg soft fist. But you can't do those as much while working with stones, and some of those problems have recurred when I do stone treatments. I have only use the mushroom once, and I ended up using it aroun the knee. It did feel really useful - very comfortable to work with and a good size an shape to really work into all the nooks and crannies, and not either risk dropping the stone or having to grip it uncomfortably tightly either in terms of heat (I want that primarily going into my client rather than into me) or han tension an wrist overaction. Basically I liked it so much I wished I had lots more of them, including in different sizes - mostly larger. I will probably buy at least one more - though they are a little pricey!! But to look after my own body while working - its an investment worth making