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Our PVC treatment couch cover protector serves 3 purposes:

  • It acts as a hygiene barrier between the client, your normal couch covers and your treatment table.
  • It protects your treatment couch so you do not have to use harsh cleaners on the couch surface which over time can crack and ruin the upholstery.
  • Any spills of massage oils, tattoo ink or wax does not reach your the surface of your treatment couch.

Size: The cover measures 104cms wide  x 176cms long. It is designed to fit tables up to 71cms width (28 inches) and it will cover 182cm length (72 inches) of your table. This couch protector does not have a breath hole. It is not possible to make this item with a breath hole as many couches have different dimensions and the breath hole is in different positions. We recommend the use of the face cradle extension on your table and cover the head cushion with disposable face rest covers.

The protective cover has handy tie tapes under neath which allow you to fasten your cover securely to your bed so it doesn't slip off.

We recommend the following setup for maximum hygiene protection for your couch and your client:

  1. Put the PVC cover on the couch
  2. Put a fitted terry towel couch cover on top of the pvc cover. 
  3. Change the terry towel cover for each client and where necessary, disinfect the UP side of the PVC cover. Do not let disinfectant or whatever cleaner you use touch the upholstery of the treatment couch as it can break down the fabric over time
  4. Put new terry towel couch cover on for next client




Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Ceri Hall
PVC protector

Ok, good size but ripped at the side seam where ties are attached. Still does the job but quality not as expected. Plastic is also a bit stiff.

PVC couch cover. Very Happy

bought the PVC couch cover for the winter months, instead of using couch covers. It had a slight plastic smell to start with, but after a very careful steam iron and air for a couple hours outside, 99% of the smell disappeared.
I have tested out on some of my most trusted clients and they think its a great idea. They were happy that there was no smell, said it was comfortable to lay on.
I am Bowen therapist so all my clients are fully clothed during treatment, with no oils or heavy manipulation, even on turning my clients over, there was no slipping or sliding on their part. overall i am really happy with this cover, but will have to review further over the winter months.

Lauren Whiting
Fantastic cover!

This PVC cover is great. Large enough to fit my extra wide couch and strong enough not to crumple and break. I love the ties that allow me to secure the cover underneath my couch. Great design and quality- I will purchase again. Well done for another great product MW!

Michael Neville
pvc massage couch protector

Purchased one of these at the beginning of the pandemic - it has been a brilliant sanitary cover. Purchased a new one last week as a small rip happened in my previous one, but with well over two years of use I'm very impressed!

Anthon Maxwell

I purchased this cover after reading online about proper massage table maiteneance and care. I use essential oils during treatments and used to use paper couch rolls, however I am apprehensive the oils wont seep through the paper and cause stains. This cover is a quick and simple way to enure the vinyl of my couchis protected against oil. Very happy customer who will definitely purchase from this website in the future. Anthon.