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The BodyPro treatment table fitted protective cover offers the perfect solution to maintain a sanitary protective barrier between your treatment table and everything that is going on above it!

The cover is elasticated to fit around and underneath the edges of your table and is made of Polyurethane Laminate (PUL). PUL is water resistant and acts as a moisture barrier preventing materials from getting through to the table, avoiding cross-contamination.


  • Moisture barrier
  • Waterproof
  • Wipeable and disinfect-able
  • Machine washable up to 70 degrees
  • No noise from material
  • Protects massage table so you do not have to disinfect the table and risk ruining the massage table upholstery over time
  • Protect non-washables such as fleece pads and table warmers which cannot be washed. They fit securely and neatly under the sanitary cover and do not come into contact with anyone.
  • Very lightweight for carrying to mobile treatments
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Colour: White


81cms wide

185cms long

18cms depth to cover entire table thickness

Elasticated, so it f its tables from 23-30 inches wide (62-76cms) and up to 185cms long


  1. Because there are different sizes of massage tables, we recommend using a fitted Terry Towel or Cotton cover on top of the sanitary cover to give a beautiful neat look to the table. The fabric cover can then be washed and changed for each client and the sanitary cover can be wiped down. The terry Towel or Cotton Cover will also be nicer to touch on the clients skin.
  2. Buying more than one sanitary cover so you have back ups just in case!
  3. Use a separate face cushion sanitary cover if your table has a face cradle extension. 






Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Washable table cover and barrier.

Great quality. Easy to fit and washes well.

Julie Holdridge
Good product

Very happy with the protective cover it fits perfectly!

Sanitary Protective Fitted Table Cover

Very happy with the quality of the sheets- they have been used for general massage and post marathon events and have held up nicely. Bought the one with the face hole and it fits well. It washes nicely and dries quickly too!

Ken T2M
Extra protection for couch and client

I bought these items not just to protect my table but also for extra client protection but Incan use my extra memory foam layer and heated blanket under this keeping those clean.
I do not usually do appointments back to back, but for example this week I had 2 clients within 15 minutes. The second client who was vulnerable, needs extra precautions to avoid cross contamination.
These protectors were ideal as I was able to use them as a barrier between clients, replacing the cover quickly between clients. In fact I was just buying a second set as they are so useful.
They feel very nice next to the skin, although I still use couch roll quick and easy to change, wash and dry.
The head rest cover is ideal fit, the couch cover is a little big for my table (don't get me wrong, it doesn’t slip off during treatments due to the elastic edging), but then it is made to cope with various sizes.

My suggestion would be good to have a few straps to tighten the cover on smaller tables just to keep it stretched nicely I like things look like they just been ironed.

Yvonne Brannigan
Good quality!

This couch cover is good quality and a perfect fit 👍🏼. Thanks!