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Are you looking for a sport tape that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Our Zinc Oxide Sport Tape has you covered (literally)!

The White Cotton material is perfect for light support and protection for non-weight bearing joints such as fingers, wrists, thumbs and elbow, and is a commonly known preventative measure against blisters.

It’s an extremely popular tape with climbers, Crossfit athletes, weightlifters, boxers and Brazilian Jujitsu wrestlers.

The tape is water and oil resistant,maintaining it's strong hold against sweat, balms & oils and natural elements as well.

The superior strength of the Zinc Oxide provides a 20% improvement in tape strength, ensuring you receive the support you need when you need it most. The porous glue also means your joints can breathe without reducing compression and support.

The hand tearable tape removes the need for scissors, meaning you'll be wrapped and up and ready to start your workout in no time!

What's Great About This Tape?

  • EXTRA STICKY:Our Zinc Oxide Tape has a seriously strong Zinc Oxide stick for ultimate protection
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH:This tape is used by elite performers, guaranteed to support your body in all physical activity
  • HAND TEARABLE:No-nonsense tearing so you can wrap up and get moving as soon as possible
  • EASY UNWIND:It's a breeze to unwind the tape, saving you time and energy pre-activity
  • BREATHABLE:The porous, extra-stick glue still allows your skin to breathe, without a reduction in compression

Choose from 4 different tape sizes for a perfect fit regardless of which area of your body will be wrapped up. At such good value, many of our customers purchase a combination of sizes for a comfortable full body coverage!

The convenient, lightweight tape can easily be popped into your training bag, taking up barely any space and weighing next to nothing!

For total joint compression and support, we recommend using our Cotton Zinc Oxide Tape alongside  our Tan Rayon Zinc Oxide Tape. The combination of both is a winner!

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