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3 ways massage can stop hayfever wreaking havoc!

3 ways massage can stop hayfever wreaking havoc!

It’s that time of year again!

Many of us have been looking forward to summer and the better weather it will hopefully be bringing! However, for lots of people, the change in seasons can come with a nasty side effect, hayfever and the crippling symptoms it can bring.   

A quick search on social media and you will come across many posts, expressing concern at returning symptoms, which each year seem to appear earlier and earlier.


Facebook post from Rebecca Watson about hayfever symptoms appearing earlier each year


Everyone is looking for solutions to their hayfever and other allergies but many don't know that massage can really help to reduce the symptoms and provide some much-needed relief! 

As we approach allergy season, be sure to promote the three ways massage therapy can aid hayfever sufferers and how your massage therapy business can help! You could set up some special offers with a package of massage sessions at a discounted rate aimed at getting clients through hayfever season. 


So how does massage aid with allergies? 

  1. Relieves congestion. 
  2. Reduces stress. 
  3. Revives tired and tense muscles. 

Massage relieves congestion. 

Facial massage, back massage and reflexology can all aid with clearing out those nasty blockages. Prepare your massage treatment room with an aromatherapy diffuser with some eucalyptus and peppermint oils to help open up those sinuses and create an invigorating atmosphere. 

Adding pressure to certain areas of the face can clear the sinuses of built-up phlegm. Mucus can also be shifted by long strokes on the chest moving up towards the throat, although it is worth warning clients this might mean some extra coughing and sneezing is on its way! Remind them this will clear the backlog of stuffiness that has been plaguing them and to stick with it! 


Sanctum Therapy Life Lympathic Drainage of the Sinuses V2


Reflexologists can also use their skills to remove blockages by focusing on points on the balls of the toes and the thymus gland on the ball of the foot.


Map of the feet from reflexology maps

Massage reduces stress. 

We all know massage is great for relaxation and triggering those feel-good endorphins. Whilst the body is enjoying a dose of dopamine and serotonin, stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate are all being regulated by the boost to circulation around the body. These three factors can be big triggers for allergies so helping to keep them in line can reduce symptoms and the negative effect they can have on your client's wellbeing. 


Massage revives tired and tense muscles.

All that sneezing and coughing can wreak havoc on our muscles. Over time the body can tense up and muscles become weary and sore adding to the misery and creating more stress and more tension. Ridding the muscles of this tension through massage eases the body and reduces cortisol, allowing the sinuses to relax and release any blockages. 


Do you suffer from hayfever or have clients who struggle with allergies during the spring months? Let us know in the comments below!

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