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These 6 questions should be on your massage therapy business checklist.

These 6 questions should be on your massage therapy business checklist.

As massage therapists and as small business owners, you will always find yourself seeking ways to stand out from the competition and win new clients.

However, with all the different hats we have to wear when owning our own massage therapy business, we can easily overlook the little details that can really push us ahead.

As we have seen in our previous blog posts many of us feel the market is becoming saturated. Clients have lots of therapists to choose from and on top of this many massage therapists are competing with services offered on discount websites as well. Standing out is more crucial than ever and there are small, inexpensive changes you can make quickly that can give your massage treatments a winning edge. 


Facebook comment from Rachel O'Connor about the benefits of being massaged on your own table.


Take time to walk through the entire client experience, imagine you are entering for the first time. If you are a mobile massage therapist set up your usual equipment in a convenient area and go through the same process.

Entering your treatment space, have a checklist and ask yourself these questions;

  • Look around the room slowly. Is there anything that jumps out at you from this new perspective? How would you describe the room in 5 words? 
  • Is there anything in your treatment room that is looking a little tired or out of place?
  • When you are in the space are all your senses engaged? 

Ask another therapist for a massage swap or if you have an employee, ask them to give you a full treatment on your massage bed. During the treatment think about the following; 

  • Lying on the massage table, how does it feel? 
  • Are you experiencing any discomfort? Many new therapists starting out buy very cheap massage tables with foam that compresses too easily. We've had many customer getting in touch saying they bought a new massage table on amazon and after a few months they can feel the wood under the foam. They tried to save money but ended up buying a professional table from us but also had to waste their hard earned money on the original massage table which is probably now only good as a wallpapering table! So it is very much a false economy and also a terrible experience for the client. If that client had a treatment on the cheap massage bed with one therapist and another treatment on a professional massage table with a different therapist, other things being equal, they would return to the comfier massage table!
  • What temperature is the room? Are you a bit cold or too warm? 

These simple checklist can completely change the way you engage with your treatment room. Afterwards, make a note of what you noticed about the space? It is amazing how far some fresh flowers, a lick of paint and a few decorative touches will go! Could you alter the lighting, for example using lamps or dimmer switches to make it more relaxing when clients are in the room? For mobile therapists how much were you able to disconnect from the surroundings? Did you feel like you were in a relaxing environment? 

An easy way to change the ambience of the room is to have a soothing playlist already playing in the background, to set the tone and avoid any distracting faffing once the client is on the massage table! You can always ask during the initial consultation whether the music is to their taste or whether they would like something else. 

An aromatherapy diffuser is another great way to alter the feel of a massage treatment room. Use relaxing scents like lavender or bergamot or invigorating essential oils like peppermint and rosemary will keep your massage clinic smelling fresh and create a calming environment. For mobile massage therapists, quickly transform a client's space by taking just a few seconds to put on an aromatherapy diffuser whilst setting up your massage table. 

When it came to your massage couch was there anything you found uncomfortable? A common complaint from clients can be discomfort caused by the face cradle. 


Facebook comment from Ian Harvey about discomfort caused by the face cradle.


Discomfort around the face can be caused by the sinuses becoming stuffed as the body releases tension and toxins. 


Facebook comment from Jamie Kohnke about discomfort from the face cradle


Many cheap massage tables come with face cushions that are both hard and also un-ergonomic so they don't allow the cheek bones, forehead and sinus area to rest comfortably. You can easily improve the comfort of your massage table with a few additional accessories.

Luckily, the massage table face cushion is one of the easiest and lowest cost parts to upgrade as nearly all face cushions are attached with velcro so they can be swapped over without any hassle. All our professional massage tables come with the highest standard ergonomic face cushion and we also sell the same face cushion separately for customers who did not originally order one of our massage tables.

massage table face cushion

massage table face cushion


Different bolsters or cushions can be used to prop clients into a more comfortable position by relieving any pressure points caused by lying on the clavicle, ribs, sternum and pelvis. Not only do bolsters add support to your clients but they free up space for your movements to be more free-flowing and provide a better massage treatment. 

Full-scale cushioning systems and body bolsters have sections that can be removed for female clients who find it uncomfortable lying on their chest and are also invaluable for clients who are elderly or for those who are expecting. Relatively inexpensive, they are worth the investment to open up new possibilities for your client list.  


Another common problem can come from the width of your massage table. Some clients may struggle to keep their arms by their sides so an arm support with a larger surface area  is an inexpensive addition to release tension in the shoulders and stop clients from experiencing this discomfort.  

Finally, make your treatments stand out by playing with temperature. A towel heater or a table warmer are both great ways to keep everything nice and toasty. Or alternatively, if you only have a little space to work with, or you are a mobile massage therapist, fluffy fleece pads can give an extra layer of luxury as well as some warmth and protection to your massage table. For really tight muscles use a reusable shoulder and neck warmer, enabling you to save time and add an extra element of comfort whilst you work on massaging other areas of the body.  

Taking a personalised approach and going the extra mile to ensure your clients comfort is the best way to maintain their loyalty and show off your specialist knowledge! We hope this checklist and these inexpensive tips can help you transform your clients' massage experience and keep clients coming back to you for years to come. 

Do you use any of these techniques to provide extra comfort in your massage therapy business? Are there any other tips you use to stand out from the competition? Let us know in the comments below! 

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