Game-Changing Habits to Help Your Massage Therapy Business Thrive in 2022!

January 23, 2022 3 min read


Game-Changing Habits to Help Your Massage Therapy Business Thrive in 2022!

Help Your Massage Therapy Business Thrive in 2022 with these Game-Changing Habits!

Whether or not you decided to set New Year’s resolutions this year, adopting a new routine and effectively changing your habits sounds like really hard work! However studies show that taking small actionable steps can help make real, positive changes in our personal and professional lives.

What do we mean by ‘habits’? Habits are behaviours that our brain has learned to produce without thinking about them. Some experts say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit but other experts say it takes different people different amounts of time depending on the habit.

As James Clear in his New York Times bestselling book 'Atomic Habits' said 

"Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.”

This is how you can help your massage therapy business thrive in 2022!

In our first blog of the year, we asked our lovely Facebook group members what habit in their massage therapy practice has been a game-changer for their business. We got such inspiring responses, we just had to share them with you because we know they'll benefit you & your business in 2022!

These are the game-changing habits people shared:


Because a massage therapy business is only as healthy as its massage therapists, it's imperative that we make looking after our own physical and emotional health, a priority. We need to have confidence in our abilities and be ourselves.


Apart from being a great massage therapist, for our massage therapy business to grow and thrive, we also need healthy and consistent business habits. These good business habits may or may not come naturally when you work in health and wellbeing but they are no less important!

Here are just some of the game-changing business habits recommended by our Facebook group members:

  •  Be clear on your ideal client so you can speak to them specifically in your marketing. It helps to attract clients who like the way that you work and are more likely to rebook.

  • Hold a Zoom consultation before the first appointment so you get all the information you need pre-appointment. Many therapists believe this habit reduces no-shows and cancellations which is a crucial part of making your business more efficient and profitable.

  • It's clear that payment in advance, whether it's through an online payment system or a bank transfer, also helps reduce cancellations and no-shows. A small habit that saves precious time and money!
  • Network with professionals offering other modalities. You can refer clients to them and them to you. The client could see faster results too.

  • Ask clients if they would like to rebook before they leave. This is a key habit to help keep you busy!


Habits also extend into the actual massage practice too. Many therapists have seen improvements in their business by listening closer to their own bodies and and to that of their client's.

Ultimately clients like to go to a massage therapist who they like and who they feel listens to them. Remembering to take notes and not always setting out with the goal of 'fixing' clients was also highlighted as small habits that have changed some of our Facebook group member's businesses.

In an age where it has never been more important for the massage and physical therapy industry to share, connect and learn from each other online, we hope that this real-life insight helps you create positive habits in 2022.

If you would like to find out more about how changing habits can have a positive impact, we recommend watchingour first Massage & Physical Therapists Talk Show of 2022. In this episode, Anna Maria Mazzieri recommends the books Atomic Habits and Tiny Habits. She says these books have not only helped her clients create new habits & stick to their programs, but have also helped her create new habits and set goals for her business. Our other lovely therapists also discuss their goals and hopes and dreams for the industry in 2022. 

And if you would like to add to this and share some of your learnings and habits that have made a positive impact on your business, please share here in our Facebook groupOur Facebook group was set up at the beginning of the pandemic as a safe and private place to receive and offer support among other therapists. We’d love to have you!

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