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How To Choose The Colour of Your Massage Table

August 28, 2014 2 min read


Many therapists spend hours worrying about which colour is the right option for their new table.  This guide will take the pressure off the choice. 

"What’s your favourite colour?”
This is a question you will have heard and answered many times over the course of your life. Starting from when we’re very small, colour plays a big part in our lives. Colours lend vibrancy to the world around us, and come to represent important emotional and mental states.
So it’s little wonder that when it comes time to choose colours for significant parts of your life, we all put a tremendous amount of energy into it. Whether it’s choosing the right shade for the new paint job, or picking a colour that will suit us in a new outfit, we want to get colour choices right.
And choosing the colour for your massage table is no exception. Many therapists feel that the colour of their table should be, to some degree, a reflection of them and their practice. Others just want the table to match the existing decor of the treatment room. 
But in both cases, many therapists tend to forget one thing:
You almost never see the upholstery of the table. For 95% of the time, your table will be covered - either with couch roll, or with a couch cover. 
The likelihood that any of your clients could name the colour of your table is extremely low… and that’s how it should be. They are there solely for the comfort and relief your massages bring them - not because they are interested in how closely your decor matches.
Not only does covering your table ensure a high standard of comfort and hygiene to each of your clients, but it also prolongs the life of your table. Keeping it protected is key to ensuring that the upholstery and foam of the table last the length of your career - so the choice of colour is really not as important as we would all like to think.
The more important choices are the width of the table, and the thickness of the foam. These will impact your clients’ experiences. Colour won’t. 
As massage tables are almost always covered, we only stock a handful of colours: agate blue, navy, black and cream. All these options are classic - they suit most decor options, and look great on the odd occasion they are uncovered. Since the most common colour requests are green and purple, we stock couch covers in those colours to allow therapists to change the colour of their table at will.
At the end of the day, what’s important is that your clients go away having had a great treatment. So pick a colour that doesn’t jar you when you’re changing the linen, and let that be the extent of the energy you spend on it - you’ve got more important things to spend your precious time on.

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