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SPATULAS FOR SCOOPING MASSAGE WAX (for hygiene & qty control)

Choose your style of dispensing tool for your Songbird Massage Waxes.

They serve 2 purposes Firstly, to be able to portion control your wax for every treatment, taking out only what you need for the treatment. Secondly, if you take a scoop out for one client you want to make sure that you do not use the same utensil for the next client to avoid cross contamination.

Particularly with the new guidelines surrounding covid, it is even more important to use separate utensils for scooping out each treatments portion of wax.


  • For the Wooden Spatulas, you will be able to use one spatula per treatment. If you need to go back for more you can use the opposite end of the spatula and dispose of the spatula after the treatment.
  • For the Reusable Plastic Spatula, we recommend you buy a quantity of spatulas to use in your business. We recommend having 2-3 available for your treatment in case you have to get some more wax during the treatment you can use a 2nd or a 3rd spatula and disinfect them after the treatment. If you have treatments back to back you can have spatulas on hand for each treatment. Over time as you will be reusing these spatulas they are the most cost effective long term option.
  • For the Stainless Steel Spatula, the same theory can be applied as for the plastic spatula except yo may prefer the look of the stainless steel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rachel Webb
Wooden Spatulas

Arrived promptly and do exactly what I need. I will consider getting a reusable one in the future though.

Practical and good for the job

These are great to avoid contamination when using the same wax pot on different people. Strong and easy to carry.

Clair Wenger
Wooden Spatulas

Nice size and strong. Good large pack too.


Perfectly sturdy and do the job. Good price.