Comfy Body Cushion - 3 week Vitrectomy Rental

Massage Warehouse Face Down Support Vitrectomy Rental T&C Our Body Bolster Cushion has the wonderful benefit of being useful both day and night. During the day it can be used on any flat table such as the ground, a table top or even on top of a massage bed. At night, it can be used on top of your mattress to offer full support in supine position (lying on your front). The face rest support ensures you can comfortably sleep lying down. The headrest support also ensures you receive a nice airflow while sleeping.
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Customer Reviews

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Yishen Cui
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Garry Birch
Satisfied customer

Just like to say how helpful and efficient and understanding the team at massage warehouse are ,the desk top we hired was extremely clean , and we found it very useful being facedown after a retina detachment operation I would not hesitate to hire items from them again , thank you Regards Garry

Sally-Anne Button
Great customer service

Great advice and we were able to collect the table to unit from the warehouse the following day. The equipment was spotlessly clean and in perfect working order.

Elizabeth Field
Excellent customer service

I rented the Ultimate Day & Night package as I was booked in for a vitrectomy and macular hole repair. Unfortunately, the operation has since been postponed so I did not get a chance to use the equipment on this occasion, however the customer service I received from Massage Warehouse throughout (in particular from Chris W) was excellent. The equipment arrived on time with email instructions how to use it, followed by emails from Chris to check how I was getting on with it. The equipment has just been collected, again on the day I requested.
All in all exceptional service.
I would have no hesitation in using Massage Warehouse again or in recommending them to others in need of this equipment. Many thanks.

Eve Joslin
Excellent Service and equipment

I was so pleased when the items I needed after my operation turned up on the day I requested. The equipment looked brand new and in excellent condition. I don't think I would not of managed the face down days and nights without it, thank you to everyone at the Massage Warehouse.