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Are timeless treatments the way to go for your massage therapy business?

massage treatment times
Recently we came across a couple of massage therapists discussing the idea of timeless massage treatments and we were intrigued! Could this be an interesting way of setting your massage therapy business apart from the rest and delivering an unparalleled level of service or is it just too complicated to really work?

So what is a timeless massage treatment?                           

A timeless treatment entails a client booking a session with no set time limit, with you as the massage therapist working on them until their issues have been thoroughly addressed but not overworked. 

The idea being that every body has different needs and they may vary appointment to appointment too! Having this level of flexibility could help when conveying to clients that you are giving them a really tailored and in depth treatment aiming to relief them of symptoms rather than simply offering a one off treat. However how does this work? How do you determine price and arrange your schedule? Are there enough pros to outweigh the potential con?

What are the cons of timeless treatments? 

For many therapists the biggest consideration would be how to schedule timeless treatments into their diary.

Massage Therapist Sunny Collins share his thoughts on timeless massage treatments
As a massage therapist one of the most frustrating part of our jobs is handling clients who reschedule and cancel.... am I right! It's one of those admin tasks that don't make us any money and so ideally we need to keep the time we spent on this to an absolute minimum!             
Meme about having to rework your schedule as a massage therapist 
If your massage treatments don't have a time limit how do you sneak someone in if they need to change from a Thursday to a Tuesday? Plus if there isn't an end to the time you are spending with each massage client do admin tasks like rescheduling or marketing bleed into your time with family and friends or time you could be using to exercise or generally take care of your own health and wellbeing?                         
Massage Therapist Hanan Chudnoff shares their thoughts on timeless massage treatments                                                                                                                        
Hanan raises a really good point here and another potential pitfall to offering untimed massage treatments. Each client's perception of what is fair in terms of both time and money could vary wildly! As massage therapists it's really easy to undercharge and not include many behind the scenes costs when working out the true cost of our massage treatments. Demonstrating all this to clients is tricky enough and you would certainly need to be very clear about the benefits and intention behind offering a massage without a time limit to manage expectations. Otherwise you could easily end up in the nightmare situation Liz outlines below!   
Massage Therapist Liz Didiano shares her thoughts on timeless massage treatments
Word of mouth is important for a massage therapy business owner and handling a situation like the one outlined above would be time consuming and exhausting! At the end of the day, many of you might agree with Phoenix that it might be easier to focus on honing your skill set and finding a good mentor to take your massage therapy business to the next level! 
Massage Therapist Phoenix Alchemy shares their thoughts on timeless treatments


However every massage therapy business is different and what doesn't work for one therapist might be a lifesaver for another! 

So what are the pros of offering timeless treatments? 

The key to growing any business is to solve your clients problems and the key to growing your massage therapy business is delivering personalised treatments that show each client the true extent of your knowledge and skills. By tailoring the massage to meet their needs and fix their issues rather than following a set routine sets you apart from the competition and will have clients returning to you time and time again. For some massage therapists timeless treatments is a great tool they can utilise to build loyalty even further but only with certain clients who could really benefit from extra treatment. 

 Massage Therapist Liz Backaus shares her thoughts on timeless treatments


As a massage therapist delivering timeless treatments to everyone could be a logistical nightmare but offering spend a little longer with regular clients works for Diana. 


Massage Therapist Diana Raponi shares her thoughts on timeless treatments


Diana masters setting clients expectations from the outset and no doubt makes her regular clients feel extra special by going the extra mile to resolve their issues! After all like Andrew mentions below it would be dangerous to assume that your clients have an endless amount of time for their treatments! 


Comment from Massage Therapist Andrew Jurdan about timeless treatments


Zoe makes a great suggestion that designating certain days of the week or month to timeless treatments can make scheduling easier. It is also a really smart marketing tool for your massage therapy business as you can promote the limited spaces and have clients who are looking for this service book them out months in advance! 


Comment from Massage Therapist Zoe Torres about timeless treatments


Selecting which clients this service could suit is probably key to successfully integrating timeless treatments into your massage therapy business. When doing your initial consultations with clients if you get an inkling that someone might benefit from extra attention, casually dropping in that this is something you offer on certain days for select clients who are dealing with chronic pain etc could set you up for success down the line! 

What are your thoughts on timeless treatments? Do you use them as a marketing tool for your massage therapy business?  Let us know in our Facebook thread

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