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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Portable Massage Table

July 01, 2014 3 min read


When you are choosing a portable massage table, there are several factors you have to consider to make sure you get the best table for your practice.

When it comes to selecting a massage table, there are several factors you must consider. We get several calls each week from massage therapists, beauticians, chiropractors and physiotherapists, tattoo artists and even dental offices about which table is right for their business.
One of the most important questions we ask every person we speak with is: "What are you using the table for?” 
If your practice is run in a fixed location, and you don’t need to to move the table around much, then the weight and portability of the table is not overly important.
But if you are a mobile therapist and will be transporting your table frequently, it’s vital that you get a portable massage table. This will allow you to preserve your own health, while also ensuring that fulfilling your appointments is practical and stress-free. 
You mightn’t realise it if you are just starting out with mobile treatments, but having to lug a heavy table around your city quickly becomes very stressful and draining. Your shoulders and back will be placed under a lot of strain - which can easily be avoided if you simply choose the right table.
Ideally, a portable massage table should weigh in under 15 kilograms.
At this weight, you will be able to carry it easily with one arm, and you won’t be under excessive strain as you would be with a heavier table. 
For this reason, we would usually recommend that you avoid tables with a lifting backrest. Most of the therapists we speak with find that they need to have a patient seated upright for about 10% of all their appointments, but the lifting backrest can add up to 3 kilograms to the total weight of the table. 
This isn’t a good tradeoff for the small proportion of treatments that you need it, so we would always recommend buying a flat portable massage table along with a wedge bolster that you can take with you for those upright treatments.
The one exception to this rule is the Advantage II. At 11.5 kilograms with a lifting backrest, this table can be a very versatile option if you really need to have clients upright frequently. The key consideration here is the width of the table - at 24” wide, this table may not suit you if you frequently work with larger clients.
Width is an important factor when it comes to selecting a portable massage table. If you want a particularly light table, you may find that you have to give up a little width. For example, the Delta I is the lightest massage table on the market at 10.3 kilograms, and has a width of 25”. The industry standard is 28”, and the lightest portable massage table in that width is the Delta II, which weighs in at 11.5 kilograms. 
There are wider tables available (including a Delta II 30” model that weighs 12.7 kilograms), but for the most part they tend to become quite heavy, with the majority weighing in over 15 kilograms. 
For even more information about our range of portable massage tables, check out this page today, and feel free to give us a call on 01443 806 590 if you have any further questions.

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