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Help your business grow by spreading the word about #massagetherapiststogether

Help your business grow by spreading the word about #massagetherapiststogether

Are you are complementary therapist taking part in the #massagetherapiststogether campaign? 

Help your business get massive exposure locally and free marketing and advertising by promoting your role in the campaign. 

The goals of the campaign are; 

  1. To thank NHS workers for their hard work and sacrifice during Covid-19 with stress busting, tension relieving and deeply relaxing therapy treatments! 
  2. To give complementary therapy businesses across the UK a much needed boost after being closed during lockdown by promoting the campaign and their services in their local area. 
  3. To demonstrate to the general public the benefits of massage therapy and the knowledge and skills of UK therapists. 

and the success of that depends on how far we can spread the word about the campaign. 

Thank you post showing the number of therapists who have signed up for Massage Warehouse's #massagetherapiststogether campaign

Why its important to spread the word about the #massagetherapiststogether campaign? 

Massage and other complementary therapists have been hit hard by Covid-19 and the restrictions that came in to help combat the pandemic. As therapists we are passionate about helping people and it has been tough to hear our clients in pain during lockdown. 

Both as individual business owners and as a collective industry we need to raise the profile of the benefits of massage therapy amongst the general public because if more people knew how awesome massage can make them feel they would prioritise regular treatments and not see it as a one off treat. We need massage therapy businesses to survive this recession because what we do is important and should be held in higher regard than it is currently, as we saw in some of the government debates!  

Have therapists been having success getting in touch with local media so far?


Sarah from Oxford School of Massage has been invited not once, but twice to speak on her local BBC radio station about Massage Therapy and has been able to help promote the campaign! 


Being able to show off your knowledge and skill on such a well respected platform gives your massage therapy business an insane level of credibility and is amazing promotion amongst a local audience who are likely to use your services. 

Plus not only can you reap these benefits for the potential clients who are tuned in listening but also for local people who comes across social media posts when you share afterwards! 

Lockdown Leaders promotion for #massagetherapiststogether campaign

Karen Hastings of Beauty 76 was featured on Meet The Leader and named a Lockdown Leader for her participation in the #massagetherapiststogether campaign. What a great acclaim to be able to be able to share with your clients!

How can you use the #massagetherapiststogether campaign to promote your complementary therapy business

  • Step 1 - Download the press release here. 
  • Step 2 - Make a list of local radio stations and newspapers.
  • Step 3 - Call up, explain the campaign and offer to come in and speak about the benefits of massage after the stress of Covid-19. 
  • Step 4 - Share any well deserved promotion you receive on your social media channels to impress your current clients and anyone searching for therapists in your local area! You can create your own posts using Canva or use our social media post templates if you wish, they can all be downloaded here. Please tag us in so we can give you a shout out too!
  • Step 5 - Once the campaign in underway ask the NHS workers you treat to share a review online! Share on your social media channels for more great content for your massage therapy business! 

Have you been promoting your business and the #massagetherapiststogether campaign to local media? Let us know how you got on in our Facebook group!


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