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How We Can Manipulate Energy for Physical Healing

January 28, 2016 4 min read


How We Can Manipulate Energy for Physical Healing

It’s a funny thing, energy. We accept it as a concept, but there seems to be many interpretations of what constitutes energy when it comes to that of human beings. The fact is, we don't have energy - we are energy. So when it comes to healing ourselves, it should be energy that we are focusing on. Energy may not be visible, but it is certainly possible to manipulate it, as any Reiki healer will tell you. How can that be done? Well, there is a physical aspect to the manipulation of energy, but intention is the key factor. It is only a short leap to the idea that thoughts affect our energy field.

There is a lot of talk at the moment of ‘raising our vibration’ and similar, and the promoters of these ideas can easily be dismissed as ‘new agers’, as if there were no substance behind the theories. This is demonstrably untrue though, regardless of stereotyping. Energy healing techniques often result in an improvement in wellbeing of the recipient, and this is what is called ‘raising your vibration.’ Science may not be fully on board yet (quantum theory is the closest it has got) but that doesn’t make it implausible.

Our energy is responsible for our health

The energy field, like the physical organism, can be subject to changes and fluctuations, blockages and imbalances. Energy healing works at restoring balance.

Modern medicine even participates unwittingly in energy healing, when they do ‘placebo effect’ experiments to test the efficacy of drugs. It is well known that some people show improvements without the medicine, which really just goes to show that the thoughts – namely the expectation of healing – affected the energy field, and healing could then take place without any physical medicine present.

Ancient healers across the world were well aware that there was much more to healing a person than just attending to wounds and fevers. They knew well that thoughts were a main contributor to both physical and mental illnesses. Modern medicine sees the mind and body as separate entities, so they take a much more physical, biological focus on healing, while energetic healing is largely ignored.

Science is slowly catching up

Quantum scientists are catching up though; they now openly admit that that a unified field of energy is what constructs everything we are aware of, from physical matter like objects, to thoughts and feelings – even the space in between physical matter, and of course light, and sound.

We know that we can feel energy, and we certainly know when it is missing, because we are exhausted.. We call energy a ‘vibe’ or ‘atmosphere’ when we interpret the sensations created when entering a room full of people. We are affected by it, whether it is positive or negative. We find ourselves attracted to or repelled by others unconsciously – this is our energy at work, mixing with theirs invisibly and feeding back information.


One thing is undeniable: Poor health and fast aging seem to be directly linked to negative thoughts and feelings. People that complain all the time tend to suffer more physical afflictions – they are sending negative energy in the form of thought patterns through their bodies. This is why it is essential to monitor and transmute negative thoughts wherever possible – in doing so you are literally healing yourself. When such negative is so prolific that is dominates the energy field, it undoubtedly manifests as physical ailments or diseases, as well as psychological problems.

How energy healing works

Ancient healers worked with energy flow through the body; you’ll no doubt have heard of chakras – otherwise known as the body’s energy centres. A proficient energy healer has the ability to sense the energy in the person they are working on. They can feel the imbalances and blockages, where energy lacks or is prevalent.

The healer uses his or her intention to attract positive energy from the unified energy field. They then transmit this energy via their own energy field into their patient, which in turn positively affects the patient. This can clear energy blockages that have been preventing the natural flow of energy through the organism. When this balance is restored, the healing has taken place. The physical and emotional sensations that occur during this process are palpable: the healer often experiences a great deal of heat in the hands, which the patient feels, and the patient is apt to feel emotions coming up and being released. It is not uncommon for tears or anger to arise, yet the patient often doesn’t really understand why; such is the power of our own energy.

Energy is attractive!

The sense of wellbeing felt by patience is reported far too frequently for it to be coincidence. Because energy is attractive, unexpected benefits can be seen in the life of the patient; negativity in personal circumstances is often diffused, and more positive events arise, relationships improve, etc. This is what is truly meant by ‘raising your vibration’.

Energy healing is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of holistic therapists, with many massage therapists adding it to their menu as well. Because it works on intention, it really is possible for anybody to do it. The best part is that you can do it for yourself! What are you waiting for?

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