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Massage, the Perfect Christmas Gift for 2023

Massage, the Perfect Christmas Gift for 2023
As massage therapists at the best of times, December can be a quiet time for our businesses as clients struggle to make their appointments with all the festive comings and goings.                                                                                        

So how do you make sure your massage therapy business stays profitable in December? 

1. Gift vouchers 

Over the years many therapists have had great success with gift vouchers. For your clients they are a fantastic gift to give - generous, caring and something their loved ones might not splash out on for themselves (although after one of your amazing massage treatments that can soon change!). There aren't many people who wouldn't love a massage, so promoting your gift cards as an easy gift for those hard to buy for relatives is a sure way to solve your client's Christmas quandaries!


Taking the time to create some beautiful gift cards could really pay off for your massage therapy business and end 2023 with some great momentum! Canva is a great free platform that is bursting with loads of great templates and they even handle the printing if you want!

Eileen Scott Massage christmas gift boxes on Instagram
Check out these awesome Christmas gift boxes from Eileen Scott Massage on Instagram!


To make the most of your gorgeous gift vouchers set up an email to your client list either individually or BCC’ing everyone in to let them know what solutions you have to their gift giving headaches this year! 

Usually we would recommend telling them they can pick them up, you could create special QR codes as virtual gift vouchers or you could offer a longer validation date and to post them to them. Customers appreciate those that can go the extra mile for them! With your empathetic, kind and generally wonderful nature shining through, your gift cards will seem even more irresistible than ever! 

Offering different types of voucher too is a great way to appeal to different clients. One could be for a basic treatment, another a more deluxe offering with a speciality treatment. Creating different price points is a brilliant way to see which of your vouchers gets the most uptake and to provide something for a range of budgets. Imagining the different family members or friends people might be buying for is a great way to help you set your prices. For example, picturing what someone might spend on their mother compared to say their partner or best friend might help you get creative with the different massage gift vouchers you can offer. 

2. Raffles 

A raffle can be an awesome way to grab the attention of your clients, boost your income and create some festive fun on your social media pages! Select a eye grabbing prize from your roster of excellent massage therapy treatments and sell tickets at a fraction of the cost to tempt clients to take part! Keeping it limited like the example below with just 24 spots to win, means clients have more chance to win and don't be afraid to point that out! Just be sure to do the maths and have some T&C's to ensure you sell enough to make it worth your while. 

Massage Raffle from Karuna Wellbeing Ltd. on Instagram

 Click on the image above to check out this therapists fantastic raffle idea on Instagram!

3. Set yourself up for 2024 by treating loyal clients 

A final idea for some massage therapy marketing for the holidays is to gift your most loyal clients with an offer. Whilst this might seem counterintuitive at first if you are really selective with who you give this to and limit it to just loyal clients it can be a fantastic way to continue building customer loyalty for your massage therapy business whilst "guaranteeing" some bookings for the start of 2024. 

If you want to offer all your clients an offer this Christmas then separate out your regular clients and those who you haven't seen for a while. Gift your regular clients an extra 30 mins for free on their next hour long massage treatment. For those you want to win back offer them a free massage for a friend with their next booking, let them know they can effectively split the cost of a treatment with their friend 50/50 or give it as a thoughtful gift this Christmas. The greatest thing about this massage therapy marketing idea is that you win back a client who might have forgotten about you and you will get a new lead for your business! 

2023 could be the best year for your festive massage therapy offerings.  

The past three years have raised the profile of massage therapy immensely! People are more aware of the power of positive touch, and after the anxiety brought by Covid-19, people see the value and the benefits of massage. As therapists we need to be shouting this message from our frosted roof tops and inspiring our clients to do the same to anyone they know who may be struggling!

These years have also inspired the public to support small businesses, shop local, and more sustainably. Putting in a little extra effort into your designs and social media this year could really pay off, as people are looking for the perfect gift that gives them a feel good factor too!
Don't be afraid to let your clients know how much you have appreciated their support this year and how much you love impacting their health and lives for the better. As massage therapists, now is the chance to showcase our skills to the public so please put yourselves out there this Christmas and inspire some great gift giving!  

Let us know what your tips and tricks for Christmas marketing are this year in our Facebook group

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