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What does it take to be the best massage therapist?

What does it take to be the best massage therapist?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced massage therapist we can often find ourselves asking, what exactly does it take to be the best? And what does it even mean to be the best?

To "be the best" is subjective and may mean different things to each of us. 

Being the best can subjectively mean making the most money, having the fullest schedule for maximising revenue and profit, having all your marketing and advertising giving you a great ROI and growing your business year on year.

Generally speaking though, I think we would all agree as therapists that being the best is successfully treating the client on each of their visit and fulfilling our purpose as healers.

As times change and competition increases, we see many new massage therapists struggling to know where to start and equally many experienced therapists are burning out under the pressure of juggling so many roles in their massage therapy business. 

So what exactly does it take to be the best massage therapist? 

Below we will share some of our favourite comments from fellow therapists to help break down some of the barriers to success and so we can all feel slightly less lonely as we wrestle with our development as massage therapists. 

So let's dive in... 


Facebook post from Tyger Schonholzer about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


Most fundamental of all. Each client is an individual! What works for one client might not for another and it can be easy when you are rushed off your feet to try and use a cookie cutter approach to common ailments.

As the months and years go by, try to approach each client as if they were your first. Make sure you listen, always asking what areas they are struggling with so you can offer solutions that feel tailored to their individual issues.  

Even with repeat clients, try to deliver each massage as if it were the first. Make notes after their appointments so you can check in next time and highlight any improvement you see. Showing this level of personalised care will resonate with your clients and help you build more meaningful connections.  


Facebook post from Jazanier Martin about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


Keeping this attitude is not only about technique, but it is also a matter of staying humble. Over time as we see common issues repeatedly, it can be easy to become overconfident and lazy in our approach. Maintaining a humble approach will go a long way with your relationships with your clients. People who are in pain rarely appreciate an arrogant, boisterous approach, but rather appreciate a compassionate caring ear and your willingness to try and assist them. 


Facebook post from Kristopher Espinoza about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


An excellent piece of advice. In many walks of life, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at times by the amount there is to learn. However, on the flip side, this can be our greatest motivator! Refreshing our skills and challenging ourselves to tackle something new, is the best way to keep our passion for massage running high! Just remember to be kind to yourself whenever you feel like you have a long way to go!   


Facebook post from Amie M. Rossetti about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


It's easy to get stuck in a rut and miss the little things. Take time annually to check in and see if there is something, quick and inexpensive, you could add to enhance your massage clients experience. Create a checklist and ask yourself these 6 simple questions to rejuvenate your massage therapy business!



Facebook post from Andre Baptista about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


We thought this was a great point from André and many of you agreed!


Responses to André Baptista's Facebook comment about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


It is important to know your limitations, too often we see therapists asking how to use techniques or treat groups of clients their training hasn't covered. For example, pregnant women or clients who are currently in treatment for cancer both require specialised techniques taught in specialised courses. Your client won't appreciate a second rate massage treatment and you could be putting both your client and your licence at risk. They will, however, appreciate your honesty and knowledge in referring you to a specialist and with a good network around you. Surround yourself with therapists with different specialisms to your own and you never know when you might pick up a client from another therapist needing your expertise!  


Facebook post from David Kucera about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


It is true that marketing plays an important role in growing your massage therapy business but you can do plenty to spread the word online without needing to hire a specialist. We boiled down the top marketing trends for this year into 12 simple steps, so you can know how to grow your massage therapy business in 2019.


Facebook post from Justin Powell about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


Your career as a massage therapist can be seriously rewarding, there is no better feeling than soothing our clients' aches and pains. However, as with any independent business, being self-employed and running your own massage therapy business requires serious drive and ambition to keep you going through the tough times. Even if you are looking to work for an established clinic, competition is growing and there is no room for complacency! If you like to switch off and go through the motions, this might not be the career for you. If you love having the opportunity to constantly improve and gain new skills, then you are in the right place! 


Facebook post from Antonio Moreano about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


Working as a massage therapist can be tough on your body! Make sure you are taking care of your own muscles and joints, so you can keep giving great treatments for years to come! Check out these exercises for the most common ailments for massage therapistswhich can be done without equipment in between appointments! 


Facebook post from Bart Calandrillo about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


Ultimately remember to follow your instinct and don't try to be anyone but yourself! As we know, massage therapy is very intimate! Clients can tell if when someone isn't being authentic and you will risk burning yourself out. Take time to analyse those clients who keep coming back. Is there anything you think you are doing with those clients that you might be neglecting with others? 


 Facebook post from Irene Diamond about what it takes to be the best massage therapist.


This post from Irene sums up brilliantly what it takes to be the best massage therapist. It covers everything, your attitude and wellbeing as a therapist, staying consistent with your levels of professionalism and maintaining attention to detail will all ensure you provide excellent treatments to your massage clients! Print this out and stick it in your diary as a handy reminder to check off regularly! 


What do you think makes the best massage therapist? Is there something we have left out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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