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How does your treatment room compare?

How does your treatment room compare?

Looking to refresh your treatment room and need some inspiration? Or perhaps you just want to take a peek over the neighbour's fence and see how fancy their garden is - :P! We have collected our favourite images to gather some inspiration. Whether you are looking to create a soothing atmosphere or an invigorating top rate treatment room, there is something to suit all tastes! 

Whilst it is definitely all too easy to get distracted by the massage room of our dreams, with a little imagination, even the most luxurious of spa set ups might contain ideas that you can implement into your space at a fraction of the cost! 

So let's jump in... 


Tropical hideaway. 


Facebook post from Home Massagers with inspiration for treatment room decor.


Whilst this massage set up ranks pretty high on the if I won the lottery list, it does demonstrate how powerful being surrounded by greenery can be! Plants seem to instantly induce a calming effect and make any space feel special and turn what could be a rather dull space into a secluded escape! 


Green fingers.


Facebook post from Rachel Beider with inspiration for treatment room decor.


Perhaps a more realistic method of bringing the outdoors inside, especially for those of us based in UK! The plants littered throughout Rachel's massage room really lift this simple space. Add as many plants as your room can reasonably fit to recreate this feeling and vibe. 


Transport your clients to another world! 


Facebook post from Wilder Inspiration with ideas for treatment room decor.


We love two things about this beautiful treatment room. Firstly the use of the ladder as an alternative way to display your towels, just make sure they are all similar tones like in this image! 

We also are really drawn to the way the room brings in flavours of different cultures. Do you practice a style of massage that comes from another part of the world? Do you have some ornaments or furnishings that you have picked up on your travels which you could transport clients away from their daily lives and into a tranquil cocoon! 


Tone it down. 


Facebook post from Kelly Hoppen Interiors with ideas for treatment room decor.


In this massage room, for example, the influences from Asia are clear but not over the top. Keeping the ornaments in natural tones stops the number of items from being too distracting and creating an overwhelming environment for clients when they are trying to relax. 


Careful with colour. 


Facebook post from Sophie Rose with ideas for treatment room decor.


This massage room reminds us that it is great to play with colour but that it is important not to overdo it! Starting with a neutral base and adding a pop of a brighter tone through towels, curtains and pillows is a great way of creating a fresh feeling room without wreaking havoc on your client's senses! 


Be bold with branding. 


Facebook post from Steve Shepard displaying his massage room decor


If you have strong branding, with company colours and a bold logo, using these in your decor can be a great way to stand out amongst the competition and build customer loyalty. To have the most impact, keep it simple like in this image from Steve, accenting your company colours with a few pieces and allowing your logo to take centre stage! 


Alternative atmosphere.  


Facebook post from Steve Shepard with ideas for treatment room decor.


Not all massages focus on relaxation. Especially relevant for sports therapists, you might want your treatment space to reflect this and give off a more invigorating atmosphere for your massage clients. One way to achieve this is to have a more scientific feel but this can easily tip over into feeling clinical and cold. Avoid this and display your knowledge with some tasteful anatomy artworks whilst mixing subtle pops of opposing colours like blue and orange can liven the atmosphere and get your clients ready to work out their aches and pains!  


Don't be afraid of dual purpose. 


Facebook post from Davia Miranda with ideas for treatment room decor.


This post from Davia reminded us that we don't all have the space to dedicate an entire room to our treatments. This gorgeous massage room is actually Davia's living room cunningly transformed before her clients arrive! If you are tight for space many of our portable massage tables have aluminium frames which make them sturdy and strong but also means they can be set up in under 10 seconds! When you are finished with your massage clients, the table can be folded away in a carry case and placed under the stairs or behind the sofa!    


Simple can be beautiful. 


Facebook post from Aranda Fox with ideas for treatment room decor.


At the end of the day, with resources being tight, many massage therapists are working out of small spaces. Resist the temptation to stuff your room full of decorative bric a brac and keep it simple! Aranda's treatment room above uses a handful of elements, a sticks to a neutral colour palette to produce a sophisticated space.   


We would love to see inside your treatment rooms! Share your photos and see what other therapists are posting on this Facebook thread.We'll be giving away a prize at random, to one reader who shares an image of their treatment room on this Facebook thread. 

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