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What is your self imposed dress code?

What is your self imposed dress code?

Starting your career as a massage therapist without a defined uniform it's tricky to know what to wear. 

What works for a Swedish massage therapist might not be suitable for a sports massage therapist. If you work in a spa or a beauty clinic, you might need to change what you wear to fit with your surrounds more than a mobile massage therapist. 

Is it even necessary to have a uniform? 

So where to begin?.... 

We looked into the different options chosen by fellow massage therapists to provide some inspiration and guidance so you can find a uniform that is a perfect fit for you! 


Gym Clothes 


Physical therapist applying young patient medical tape


Combining a smart pair of jogging bottoms with a smart t-shirt can be a great uniform especially for sports massage therapists and therapists working in gyms. Just be sure to stick to one smart colour like black, white, grey or navy and where possible, try to avoid branded items. For a professional finish, brand your t-shirts with your massage business's name! 


Facebook post from John Marasigan about changing his uniform for his massage therapy business


As well as smart jogging bottoms, for female massage therapists gym clothes might include leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. 


Facebook post from Amy Beth about choosing gym clothes as her massage therapist uniform


Amy makes a great point that having a uniform removes wasting precious time deciding what to wear each day, time you could spend on quick self-care exercises that could save your health and your career. It also saves you ruining clothes you love with any massage or essential oils that you use during your massage treatments. 


Loose trousers or skirt and a polo shirt 


Woman having back massage in medical office from a male therapist wearing a polo shirt and loose slacks


Another option taken by many massage therapists is to combine a loose-fitting chino style trouser with a smart polo shirt or t-shirt. Again, plain colours are best and you brand your tops with your clinic's logo you'll appear extra professional! 


Facebook post from Kerrie Flynn Lmt about wearing comfortable trousers and a polo as her uniform as a massage therapist


Kerrie raises a valid point! By self-enforcing a dress code for your massage therapy business you help maintain important boundaries between you and your client. If you dress the same for all your treatments, no creepy clients can get the wrong impression and think you are dressing up just for them! 




 Young female massage therapist massaging a female client


Popular with therapists who work in spas or clinics which offer beauty treatments as well as massage, scrubs can be an easy option to throw on in the morning and instantly have a professional edge. 


Facebook post from Julie Hathcock about choosing scrubs as her uniform for working as a massage therapist


However, Julie is right, knowing your clientele is key and what works for one therapist's clients won't work for another.

Don't be afraid to ask trusted clients for their input in annual surveys. Whilst lots of clients appreciate a plain, more medical or a spa-like approach, Donna's clients appreciate her sense of humour and more laid back style! 


Facebook post from Donna McCann about choosing a funny t-shirt as part of her uniform as a massage therapist


If you don't like the look of full scrubs or find them restrictive for your style of massage, a scrubs top can always be combined with black leggings or smart shorts for a professional-looking combo. 


A massage therapist is treating a female client on a table in an apartment


Ultimately, what you wear has to suit your massage therapy business and your clientele. As long as you keep this in mind and keep your chosen uniform looking clean and professional then chances are your clients will be impressed by the overall feel of your massage therapy business. 


 Facebook post from Teresa Martinez about keeping your uniform looking professional



We would love to know what uniform you wear as a massage therapist! Let us know on our Facebook thread

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