9 Ways to Look After Yourself as a Massage Therapist

9 Ways to Look After Yourself as a Massage Therapist
So, you’re a Massage Therapist and you take care of your clients' bodies and minds on a daily basis, but do you actually practice what you preach? We recommend having regular massages but when was the last time YOU had a massage? If you are like many of us and need a little reminder from time to time to look after yourself then this post is for you!

It's extremely important we take certain steps and do particular practices daily to ensure we do not injure ourselves, become exhausted or burnt out. Massaging can create problems in our bodies if we are not careful and don’t take care of our well being, after all we need to be a good example to our clients and actually do the things we recommend to them in their aftercare advice.

Not only does neglecting our health have an affect on our bodies and our minds it can also wreak havoc with our business’s and financials. As many of us are self employed practitioners we rely on ourselves to do the work and if we are not in the best shape mentally or physically it can literally cost us a lot of money.

So I hope these 9 steps to looking after yourself can act as a reminder to put yourself first and listen to your body. Our body is a temple and our mind is the powerhouse behind everything we do so let’s start living with intention and pouring into our own cups a little more often.

1. Move your body

It's crazy the amount of Massage Therapists I know who do not exercise, I guess we somehow think our job is physical so we don’t have to work out as much. This couldn’t be further from the truth; we must find a type of movement we enjoy for it to be sustainable. For example, I love the gym as I love running, cycling, and doing weights. You may love yoga or pilates or even a dance class to get your body moving. Whatever it it, its imperative we keep moving our bodies to keep us healthy, keep releasing those Endorphins, keep our muscles going and our joints strong, not to mention the mental benefits of exercise to give us a boost of energy and motivation.

2. Eat well

This year I’m really cutting down on sugar as I know how rubbish I feel If I consume too much. As Massage Therapists we need energy and clarity of mind, too much sugar can make us feel sluggish, tired and can give us brain fog. Feed your body with clean food to really boost your productivity, mobility and give your cells the nutrients they need to work efficiently.

3. Stay hydrated

We all know that feeling when were doing a full body massage and were totally parched, you feel yourself eyeing up your water bottle and wishing you could break contact with your client to grab a drink! Let’s avoid these situations by making sure we drink less caffeine which can dehydrate the body and more water. Herbal teas are great in the morning to kick start your water intake and replace your morning coffee…a hot water with lemon does wonders as its also providing you with antioxidants too! Keep hydrating in between clients and on breaks to feel your best.

4. Epsom salt baths

I don’t know about you but I LOVE an Epsom Salt bath. Epsom Salts have a plethora of benefits including easing stress and relaxing the body, relieving pain and muscle cramps, helping muscles and nerves function properly and eliminating toxins from the body to name a few. I personally have an Epsom salt bath around twice a week or when I remember especially if I have had a very busy day of massage, just be careful if you have any open wounds or severe skin conditions, otherwise if you haven’t already, give it a try and see how amazing you feel afterwards!

5. Have regular massages

We all tell our clients to have regular massages, once a month or more regularly for specific body work. Be honest…when was the last time you had a massage? Or are you not having them regularly enough? I think for us Therapists its key to find a Massage Practitioner you love, both personality wise and for their work, the connection has to be there, because we are all critics when its what we do for a living too! However, it’s also a great way to build your network of Massage friends/connections and learn from each other, its so interesting to see how other Therapists work and there’s always something we can take away from having our own treatments.

6. Stretch

There are Stretch studios in the UK where you can go just to be stretched, how amazing is that!? Stretching is so important, not only pre and post exercise to warm and prepare the muscles but also for us Therapists or anyone in fact! Your massage sequence will most probably involve some stretching, when was the last time you felt that good stretch and been on the receiving end? Stretching is great for decreasing your risk of injuries, improving your physical performance and enabling your joints to move properly throughout your life. Try stretching in between clients if you have enough time, before and after your shift and on any breaks you may have, it can only take a few minutes but will set your body up for a day of massage and will feel great.

7. Use proper body mechanics

Ever caught your posture in a mirror in the treatment room and thought…..eeeeeekkk! I need to straighten my back. We’ve all been there, when our back is just a little bit too curved or we are not bending our legs with the motion of our movements, remember to save our bodies, especially our backs we must massage with a straight back, relax our shoulders and really use our legs, feet and entire bodies to swing, rock and provide support for our movements. If you are feeling pain in your back you may not be standing correctly, our knees must be bent with a straight back to get down low, exercise, regular massage and stretching can all help with our postures.

8. Find your tribe

As some of us will be working as freelancers and self employed, it often means a lot of the time we will be working alone, this has a lot of benefits and will give you a sense of freedom and independence however I think its so important to network with other Therapists to swap ideas, ask for advice, ask questions and share knowledge. There are many ways these days to do this, the most effective way I think is via social media, follow as many Massage Therapists as you can on Instagram and start talking! I personally love social media for this, I started doing Seated Acupressure Massage and set up my small business because I was so inspired by other Therapists doing this type of massage on Instagram, I simply had to do it myself! Facebook groups, meeting fellow Therapists at courses, massage awards etc…grow your network and get chatting, it really will benefit you mentally to know you have support from like minded people.

9. Self care and rest

Take time off….I cant stress that enough, two days minimum per week, make sure you are scheduling regular breaks whether it be a couple of days holiday or a couple of weeks, whatever you need to rest, recoup and do more of the things you love. Make sure you plan that time off so you have something in the near future to look forward to and to reward yourself for all your hard work. This isn’t to say you need a vacation from your job as you should love what you do, but rest is imperative in our profession. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important, there are so many benefits to going to bed early and my personal favourite is I wake up earlier and I feel ready for the day ahead! This is also where self care comes in, on those evenings or days off get yourself into a routine that works for you and makes you feel good. My perfect self care routine after a day of massage is to get home and shower/Epsom salt bath, have a healthy meal, read my favourite book, journal then meditate before going to be at around 10pm. Don’t get me wrong, not all evenings look like this but you will feel 100 times better if you incorporate some healthy habits into your routine everyday which elevate your mind and health. Be sure to do what YOU love on those days off, whether it be spending time in nature, with friends and family or exploring and doing fun activities. Whatever makes you happy make sure you are doing those things regularly and make it a habit!

And there we have it, my top 9 ways to look after yourself as a Massage Therapist, I hope there are a few takeaways in this blog for you to put into practice, and if you are already doing all of these things why not share with a fellow Massage Therapist. Ultimately I think balance is key and practicing what we preach, our bodies and minds will thank us for it!

About the Author

Phillipa Spivey, founder of Phillipa Spivey Therapies, is a Beauty and Massage Therapist with 19 years’ experience in the industry. With a passion for mental health in the workplace and taking care of people she started a small business offering Seated Acupressure Massage in corporate environments to combat Anxiety and Depression symptoms at work. Phillipa has extensive experience in Salons, Spas, Hotels and Aesthetic Clinics in London. Her goal since the very beginning has always been to spread love and light and to simply make people feel better physically and mentally.

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