Your Mission (Should you Choose to Accept it!)

Your Mission (Should you Choose to Accept it!)

Why your massage business needs a Mission Statement and how to create your own.

Have you heard of a Mission Statement? Chances are you have - but chances are you’ve never considered creating one for your massage business.

We often think of a mission statement as something that only the corporate world uses - but it can be really useful for us massage therapists too.


A mission statement can be a great tool to set you apart from other therapists and to attract your ideal clients. It acts as a roadmap for your massage business - telling the world WHO you work with, HOW you do your work, WHY do you do it and WHAT you stand for.

Here's 4 reasons why you need one:

1) It builds your professional image.
A mission statement is a big part of your branding your professional identity. It shows clients that you're committed to certain values and standards in your practice. A well-written mission statement sets you apart; you’ll be one of the few therapists who have one. Having one will make you look and sound ultra professional!

2) It helps you attract the right clients.
Sharing your mission statement with potential clients helps them understand how you approach your therapies and what they can expect when they book with you.

Your statement will also pull in clients who connect with your mission. Use it in your marketing to attract people who resonate with your ethics and values. People want to help make the world a better place - even if it’s just a small action. When they see someone (You!) taking a stand for something they agree with and value, they’ll want to be a part of that.

3) It keeps you inspired.
A mission statement helps you remember why you became a massage therapist in the first place! Over time, the challenges of running a business mean it’s easy to lose sight of why you chose this path. Reminding yourself regularly of that, will help you to stick at it when the going gets tough. Your mission statement can be like a little pep-talk you can give yourself to keep you motivated and inspired in your work and bring back your motivation and massage mojo!

4) It guides your decisions.
There are endless decisions to make as a business owner. When you have a clear mission statement, it can help you make choices based on your values and ethics, guiding you towards your long-term goals and stopping you from straying off track.

What goes into a Mission Statement?

To write your mission statement, you need to be able to articulate three things:

1. Your PURPOSE,
2. Your VALUES
3. The IMPACT you want to have as a therapist.

Start with values.
What values are most important to you as a massage therapist? Name 2-3. You might want to consider aspects such as empathy, compassion, professionalism or holistic well-being. Describe how your treatments align with this.

Now define your purpose:
What motivated you to become a massage therapist, or to work with a certain kind of client? Why do you do what you do?

And finally your impact:
What do you hope to achieve for yourself and your clients through your therapies? What wider impact do you want to have on the world? How do you carry this out through your treatments or your business as a whole?

Writing Your Mission Statement: 

Before you start writing your statement, make sure you are clear on WHO is your ideal client. What are their needs and preferences? Why would they choose your treatments? Make sure you tailor your mission statement to resonate with the clients you want to attract.

Here’s how to write your Mission Statement:

Your mission statement can be anything from a few lines to a few paragraphs. Don’t make it too long - aim for less than 100 words. The idea is to create a brief statement that describes your Purpose, Values and Impact, along with a description of your Ideal Client.

● Make sure you avoid massage industry jargon or complex terminology. Just use everyday language that is easily understood by your ideal client.

● Clearly communicate the positive impact you aim to have. How do you want to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world in general?

● Get passionate! Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show. Try to use language that inspires and motivates. Don’t make something up just for the sake of it - write this from the heart.

Mission Statement Template:

You can use the following template to create your statement:
"Here at [Your Business Name], my mission is to [describe your PURPOSE] by [ explain how you achieve this goal]. [VALUES] are important to me and I am determined/dedicated to [what is the positive IMPACT you want to achieve?].

I believe that/.I strive to [describe the outcomes or experiences you aim to create]. Through [mention relevant modalities or approaches you use], my aim is for [identify your ideal client] to [describe the positive changes or benefits they will experience].

[Your Business Name] is not just about [what you do], but about [the broader impact, purpose or wider vision you are working towards].”

Example Filled-In Template:

"Here at Harmony Massage Therapy, my mission is to provide personalised holistic care that combines therapeutic touch with eco-conscious practices. Empathy, integrity, and sustainability, are important to me and I am dedicated to nurturing both people AND the planet.

I believe that everything is sacred and everything is connected: Mind, body, spirit, and the world as a whole. I offer bespoke, individualised treatments which soothe, relax and renew - whilst also including a commitment to eco-friendly practises. My aim is to create an environment which is both eco-friendly and nurturing on every level.”

Harmony Massage Therapy is not just about massages; it's about having a positive impact on both individuals and the planet.

And there you have your mission statement. See! It’s not just for big businesses! 

Share it on your social posts and your website - and watch your perfect clients come flooding in; people who share your ideals and connect with your world-view and just KNOW you’re the right therapist for them!

About the Author

Business mentor for massage therapists, Nikki Wolf has over 20 years in the industry; including teaching, owning a massage school, and managing spas. Nikki is on a mission to demystify marketing for therapists and empower them to build their own thriving businesses. When she isn't massaging or mentoring, she’ll be walking on the beach with her dog, Storm. Find out more about mentoring at Orchid Massage Academy.

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